5 Fabulous Diet Tips For ABS

absMost women want to sport an hour-glass figure and men want to show off their six pack abs! However, there are just a handful of persons who flaunt these assets, while others try, fruitlessly, for years in all the ways that money can buy, to attain them!

Hence, what is the secret of these lucky few who have achieved the much-coveted slender belly? Let us take a look at the tips that are enumerated below for attaining such amazing abs.

Various Diet Tips For ABS

Throw The C.R.A.P

The abbreviation C.R.A.P. can literally be taken to mean “crap”, in the context of foods that are of no use to us but simply have a tendency to promote the belly bulge. These are caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods (C.R.A.P).

sweet,refined sugar

This means that you can cut down on beverages such as coffee and tea, sweet foods made using refined sugar, hard drinks and all the ready-to-eat snacking items made of refined flours that you come across in malls. The list of forbidden items also includes popular soft drink beverages, as they contain high amounts of refined sugar.

Eat Fibrous Foods

Eat foods that are high on fiber content such as those made with whole wheat and whole wheat grains, rather than refined flour. Fresh fibrous fruits and salad vegetables make a good snacking choice, in place of the popular processed food alternatives.

Eat High-Fat Meal Occasionally

Dieting to attain abs does not require you to sacrifice your restaurant favorites, forever. You can indulge in eating your high fat passions such as croissants or rich chocolate cakes, moderately, once every weekend.

Eat High-Fat Meal

Though fat intake is restricted on a daily basis, an occasional intake of fat will actually help in accelerating your metabolism, which is very important for burning the extra adipose of your body.

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Follow An Effective Meal Plan

Ideally, you should have slightly more quantity of food for breakfast and progressively lesser quantities in the subsequent meals, with eating the minimum for dinner.

This is because, after breakfast you are active, while as the day passes and it is time for you to sleep, your body will want to relax and thus burn lesser calories. For the same reason, you should also have your dinner an hour or two before you sleep so that the food that you consume during dinner gets a chance to be burnt and not stored as fat while sleeping.

Have 4 Small Meals A Day

Many persons often make the mistake of skipping meals, commonly breakfast, while trying to lose fat. This is not correct, as the body will respond in a manner that is contrary to popular expectation.

4 Small Meals A Day

It will assume that the body is on a draught and will secrete chemicals that will promote conservation of fat in the body. Hence, it is necessary for the dieter to take frequent meals, but in moderate quantities, and burn the fat and calories gained from them with physical activity.

Have Flat Abs Power Foods

high protein foods,eggs

The power foods for flat abs are fish oil supplements (as they burn the extra fat in your body and also provide essential amino acids); low fat milk and dairy products, high protein foods such as eggs, beans,  legumes, peanuts ; and breads made of whole grain cereals.

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