Best Vitamins For Bodybuilders

Vitamins For BodybuildersOur bodies are a wonderful work of nature, and it has long been known that no technology that the human mind has created is able to match nature’s creation. It is crucial for your overall well being to be conscious about healthy living and keeping your body fit.

Exercise and bodybuilding are an integral part of the process, which ensures an attractive and healthy physique. Due to the various “happy hormones” like endorphins and serotonin being released post-exercising working out can be beneficial for both the body and mind. Here is the list of a few vitamins for bodybuilding and why it could prove beneficiary for you.

Vitamins For Bodybuilders


This vitamin allows the body to absorb carbohydrates in a more efficient manner essential for a healthier diet and proper bodybuilding. It also aids in bettering the nervous system, by stimulating necessary transmissions without any issues. Sunflower seeds, tuna, lentils and black beans are good sources of this vitamin.

Vitamin C

Being an antioxidant Vitamin C helps in muscle growth and repair of tissues. It helps in building the immune system and prevents infections.

vitamin c

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It also aids in ensuring stronger connective tissues, enabling you to have stronger joints, which is crucial for the wear and tear you experience during bodybuilding. Being closely related to the production of Collagen it provides support to the connective tissues when exerted during weightlifting.


This is commonly known as Vitamin B12 and ensures proper carbohydrate metabolism and well-being of the nervous tissues. This vitamin aids bodybuilders by providing constant support to their muscular exertion through the nervous system, preventing fatigue. The common sources of this vitamin are meat including chicken, pork, beef, fish etc.


It is involved in three important processes going on in our body namely: Glucose metabolism, Oxidation of fatty acids, and passage of hydrogen in the Krebs cycle.


Due to the inter-relatedness of dietary riboflavin and body mass. It is helpful in bringing about protein metabolism during the process of bodybuilding. The common sources are liver, soy nuts and milk. It goes by the chemical name of Vitamin B2.

Folic Acid

This is an essential vitamin for the ladies out there, who are doing lightweights while being pregnant. It does a variety of things like strengthening vision and bone structure. It also aids in having a stronger immune system. These factors not only help the mother, but also the baby to be healthy through the process of the pregnancy.


Critically required by the body during shortage of energy, commonly termed as fatigue, biotin is a vitamin that is integral for the process of amino acid metabolism and production of energy. The common sources of this vitamin for bodybuilders are egg yolk, soya, milk and barley.

These supplements do one of two things: either they give your body small doses of nutrients that it can’t make on a regular basis, or it helps your body process and utilize the food you intake in a much more substantial manner. The constant exertion results in ailments like heart-burn and perpetual fatigue. So go ahead and add a vitamin to your daily diet and get pumping through the cardio-exercises and have the physique that you always desired.

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