5 Exercises To Deal With Anxiety

anxiety and stressAnxiety is a very common phenomenon these days. People are stressed out all the time and it is but natural for one to suffer from anxiety attacks. All you want to do is just sit down and cry, think about your messed up life and probably die somewhere.

But, this is just the wrong attitude. Sobbing and cursing is just not going to take you anywhere. If you are looking for an effective way to deal with anxiety, then this article is just what you want. Here we have a list of some easy exercises that you can try out and see a major difference in your life.

Exercises To Deal With Anxiety

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a kind of meditation cum exercise and is very effective in curing a variety of health related issues. It strengthens the physical capability and it also emerges as a stress buster filling you with positive energy. Deep breathing should be done on a regular basis for the best results.

Deep Breathing

If anxiety has been chasing you then all that you need to do is just sit on the ground with your legs folded like the traditional yoga asana. Now take in a deep breath as you push your stomach inwards. Keep in the oxygen for about two seconds and then gradually exhale it out. Repeat the process about twenty times.


You should go for regular walks in the morning and also in the evening in order to fight anxiety. First of all it will keep you distracted and is also a healthy lifestyle choice that will help you to stay fit and healthy.


Just put on your walking shoes and set out at dawn which is considered to be the best time for taking a walk. It is suggested that walking barefoot on the dewy grass every morning works wonders in more ways than one. It is considered to be the best way to get rid of anxiety as well as other health issues.



Just put on your swimming costumes and go hit the pool. Also one of the best ways to bid adieu to anxiety and other related issues like high cholesterol and high blood pressure, swimming has now become an offbeat way for treating a wide variety of ailments.

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Stretching Exercises

If you cannot go to the gym and are facing anxiety attacks sitting at home then no need to waste your time and pull your hair. Try doing some stretching exercises.

Stretching Exercises

There are innumerable stretching exercises that can be performed. Try doing the neck stretch or the ankle stretch, or simply stand up and try touching your toes without bending your knees. These exercises promote flexibility in the body and help you in maintaining a physically and mentally fit lifestyle.


You can also go for cycling regularly in order to get rid of anxiety. It will not only strengthen your muscles and increase your stamina but will also help you to stay mentally fit.


Definitely, exercising will be the last option that you will think of doing when you are hit by an anxiety attack. But just gather your strength and go ahead and adopt this healthy lifestyle choice that will help in keeping you physically as well as mentally strong and active.

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