5 Exercises For Boosting Metabolism

5 Exercises For Boosting Metabolism

Metabolism is our body’s defense against weight gain as it helps us in losing weight, stay active and be full of energy. It is a process by which our body uses some molecules for giving us energy. The fat stores in our body are used to derive energy. Our metabolism becomes very slow when we get older. Apart from this, hormonal problems, diseases, stress and other factors affect the metabolism in a negative life and this makes us fatty and overweight. Thus, it is important to improve the metabolism so that we can lead an active and happy life with lots of energy while avoiding obesity and weight gain. Physical exercise is an important method and tool for achieving this goal. We will suggest some workouts that help in improving your metabolism. Use our exercise tips and follow the method of doing the workouts in the way as explained below.

Following Are The 5 Exercises For Boosting Metabolism:

1. Swimming

Swimming is a perfect exercise that helps in improving the metabolism. It helps in losing weight by burning calories we eat with a fatty and rich diet. Join a swimming pool near your location and do swimming regularly. The muscles get a lot of exercise during the swimming movements and while you are afloat. Swimming is an effective exercise for metabolism that does not cause any damage and injury in the joints and ligaments.


2. Overhead Split Squat Knee Pull

Overhead split squat knee pull is an easy exercise for boosting metabolism that is done with weights or dumbbells. For this exercise, maintain a split stance position by taking one leg ahead of you. Lift the opposite heel upwards. Take dumbbells in both hands and position it near the shoulders. Bend the hands from the elbow. Take the body downwards into split squat position. Fold the legs from the knee. Take both dumbbells upwards above the head. Take the body upwards in the original position by pressing upwards. Lift one knee upwards near the chest resting on one foot. Come back to starting position. Repeat ten times.

Overhead Split Squat Knee Pull

3. Burpee

Burpee is another effective exercise for improving the metabolism of your body. It is a bodyweight exercise for burning calories. To do this exercise, stand straight with some gap between the two legs. Lower the body downwards and touch the floor with both hands. Lie down on the floor on the stomach. Lift slightly to rest the upper body on arms with the elbows bent. Perform a push-up movement. Stand straight and come back to a starting position by jumping up. Take the hands upwards above the head while doing this. Repeat the movement several times.



4. Dips

Dips are very good exercises for getting a better metabolism. You can do chest dips and bench dips. For chest dips, hold the parallel bars in a gym with both hands. Take the body downwards towards the floor while inhaling. Take the body upwards in a starting position while exhaling. Repeat several times. For a bench dips exercise, sit down on a bench. Hold the bench tightly. Take the body downwards towards the floor to do a dipping movement. Lift the body upwards on the bench in the starting position. Repeat several times.


5. Squat Clap Jump

Squat clap jump involves doing a squatting movement along with clapping of hands. For this, take the body downwards into a squatting position. Take both hands towards the side the right hand to the right side and the left hand to the left side. Jump upwards to a standing position. Take the hands upwards above the head and do clapping. Rest and repeat the movement several times.

Squat Clap Jump

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