8 Exercises For Managing Anxiety


Managing Anxiety

A large number of people today suffer from the problems of anxiety. It is a mental condition that puts a negative effect on the brain. People who have this also face stress and depression. Thus, anxiety is a serious problem that needs attention. It is possible to deal with this problem by doing physical exercises. Body movements and workouts help in decreasing fatigue and enhancing the alertness levels. When you do exercises, the body releases endorphins and it helps in sleeping well and reducing pain. Exercise is a natural medicine for reducing tension and improving the mood. We will suggest some exercises that help in fighting anxiety.

Following Are The 8 Exercises For Anxiety:

1. Walking

Walking is the easiest exercise for reducing anxiety that does not require any equipment, trainer or the need to join a gym.[1] It is a free exercise that can be done anywhere anytime. When you do walking, it helps in moving the whole body and giving exercise to all the muscles. Do walking daily. Go to near distances by walking on foot. Take regular morning and evening walks.


2. Running

Running helps in weight loss by burning calories. It is also good for health as it improves the heart health. Running is especially useful for reducing anxiety.[2] It releases the feel good chemicals in our body called serotonin. This helps in improving the mood and enhancing the mental health. When you run, you sleep better at night. Find a smooth road near you and run in the morning or evening. Wear good running shoes.


3. Dancing

Dancing helps in releasing endorphins in the body, which reduces anxiety and stress. It is also a very good cardiovascular exercise for improving the health. Play some soothing music and start dancing. Learn various steps of dancing. Join a dance class for this or do dancing at home with music playing in the background.


4. Cycling

Cycling is another effective exercise for beating anxiety feelings. Do cycling on a real bike or use a stationary bike for doing indoor cycling at home or gym. Instead of visiting the nearby places with a car, ride a bike. Indoor cycling is an ideal exercise when you can’t go outside and when the weather is bad during winters.

5. Hiking

Hiking in the forest or an open area with mountains helps in reducing anxiety by enhancing the mental health. When you do hiking amongst trees in a forest, it calms the mind and reduces stress hormones in the body. Plants and tress give peace of mind. Find a wood or forest near you and take a long walk in the nature. Walk for twenty to fifty minutes.

6. Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is a simple exercise for fighting anxiety. For this, you need to have stairs at home or office. If you live in a multi-storeyed house, climb the stairs up and down several times a day. Besides this, you can do stair climbing at your office or in public places like malls and shopping areas. Instead of using a lift or elevator at these places, climb the stairs for a natural exercise.

7. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise for anxiety and stress. It involves doing some body postures with controlled breathing techniques like inhaling and exhaling. The yoga poses dissolve tension in the mind and the body muscles. Learn the right method of doing yoga by joining a class or do it yourself by watching yoga DVDs.

8. Sports

Taking part in sports helps in reducing anxiety besides being a good pastime and way to have fun with friends. Choose any sports and games like badminton and baseball. Find a court or stadium near you for this or play in an open ground. You can also play basketball and football.

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