7 Best Workouts For Belly Bloats

7 Best Workouts For Belly Bloats

Fullness and tightness in the stomach due to overeating or any other cause is known as abdominal bloating. There is swelling and bloating in the belly. The condition can be due to constipation and living an inactive and sedentary life. When there is constipation, it increases the gas in the stomach and this causes bloating. Being confined to the bed for a long time due to some disease or accident also causes this problem.

Taking healthy foods and doing exercises helps in giving relief in the problem of abdominal bloating. Do workouts that are meant for reducing bloating. We will suggest some effective exercises for this purpose. Follow our exercise tips and do the cardio exercises and yoga poses to improve the digestion for fighting the bloating problem. This is a natural way to get a flat belly without bloating.

Following Are The 7 Best Workouts For Belly Bloats:

1. Apanasana Yoga Pose

Apanasana is a yoga pose that helps in relieving the wind inside the stomach and reducing bloating. Lie down on the bed or floor on the back. Fold the legs from the knees and bring it upward toward the stomach. Hold the knees with both hands and lift the legs towards the chest like a hugging movement. Do a rocking movement by taking the knees from one side to the other. Hold and return. Repeat the exercise.

2. Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are very good for reducing belly bloats. Do walking, cycling, stair climbing and other cardio exercises for ten minutes daily. Slowly increase this time to half an hour of cardio exercises daily. Besides this, you can also do swimming and step aerobics.

3. Energy Push Exercise

Energy push exercise is just a pushing movement that you have to do with your hands. For this, stand straight keeping some gap between the legs. Take the arms in front straight ahead of you. Pull the hands towards the chest. Push out in front again. This is a single push movement. Do the exercise hundred times.

4. Cat Pose

Cat pose is a yoga exercise that helps decrease belly bloating. To do this exercise, lie down on the bed or floor on the stomach. Lift the body upwards resting on all fours that is both hands and both legs folded from the knee like the body of a cat. Lift the head upwards and take in a deep breath. Take out a deep breath while tucking the tailbone near the chest. Touch the floor with the stomach and chest. Arch with the lower back while rounding your spine. Repeat this minimum ten times.

5. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is a yoga pose that is effective in fighting bloating. For this, lie down on the back on the bed. Fold the legs and bend the knees. Place the hands at the side of the body. Lift the hips upwards and stretch the chest. Hold and return. Repeat several times.

6. Core Training Exercises

Do core training exercises for dealing with abdominal bloating. The best exercises for this are sit-ups and crunches. Do the movement twelve times in total three sets. Pelvic exercises like tilts and lifts also help a lot. Do the workouts twice or thrice every week.

7. Shoulder Stand Exercise

Shoulder stand exercise is a movement in which you have to invert the body resting on the floor on the shoulders. Lie down on the floor on the back. Place the palms on the floor, apply pressure and press them. Lift both legs upwards towards the roof of the room. Place the palms on the lower back and hold the position. This will reduce the belly bloating.

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