5 Diet Tips To Eat Less Salt

Diet Tips To Eat Less Salt

High salt intake is not good for your health. You should try to make sure that you minimize the intake of salt in your diet to improve overall health. Often, we tend to consume more of salt, without even knowing the same. This leads to issues like high blood pressure, bloating, water retention and other related health issues.

So Here Are Some Smart Tips To Reduce Or Eat Salt:

1. Eat More Of Fresh Fruits

Most fresh foods contain natural salts, which also includes fresh cuts of beef along with chicken and pork. These contain natural levels of sodium, which is really less as compared to processed foods. Any item that tends to last longer in the refrigerator definitely contains high amounts of sodium and salt. So avoid them.

Eat More Of Fresh Fruits

2. Stay Away From Preservatives

Preservatives of all kinds found in pickles, canned olives, etc. are high on added salts. This helps the shelf life improve and also gives you a tastier kick. Don’t dig into thos extra pickles during meals.

Stay Away From Preservatives

3. Avoid Frozen Fruits And Veggies

Frozen fruits and veggies are very tempting. You can just grab them out of the freezer and use, but these are very high on salt content and should be avoided. Instead stick to natural foods that are fresh frozen and without seasoning.

Avoid Frozen Fruits And Veggies

4. Avoid Foods With High Salt Levels

In case you are buying any packet food, do read about the sodium levels on the same. Some items may not contain any added salt, but they contain high amounts of sugar, which also has sodium, which is the natural salt found in the item.

Avoid Foods With High Salt Levels

5. Choose Sea Salt Instead of Regular Salt

It is safer to have sea salt as compared to regular salt or even rock salt. Sea salt contains natural minerals that are high on health and do not contain too much sodium. This helps to balance your salt intake and provides you with additional health benefits.

 Choose Sea Salt Instead of Regular Salt

6. Reduce Salt Intake Week By Week

Avoid salt intake gradually. The process cannot be done immediately and will take some time. So reduce your salt intake over a period of 6-8 weeks. This way you will not miss your salt too much.

Reduce Salt Intake Week By Week

7. Eat Low Sodium Or Iodine Salt

There are plenty of salt variations out there that contain lower amounts of sodium. Buy those instead of regular salt. It will give you similar flavors, without the disadvantage of sodium or iodine.

Eat Low Sodium Or Iodine Salt

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