5 Castor Oil Remedies To Treat Stretch Marks

Castor Oil Remedies To Treat Stretch Marks

Most of the people suffer from stretch marks. Stretch marks are the lines which appear on the surface of the skin. Most importantly they are found in abdominal wall. Stretch marks can also appear on the upper arms, breasts, buttocks and thighs. These marks cover huge part of the body. Although pregnancy is the main reason, few other reasons like changes in physical conditions, unexpected gain or loss in weight, inheritance reasons, and stress also leads to the appearance of stretch marks. But don’t worry. As there is a solution for every problem the stretch marks too can be treated with the help of the castor oil.

Here We Are Providing The Ways To Use The Castor Oil For Treating Stretch Marks. Check It Out:

Apply Warm Castor Oil On Affected Area:

Castor oil increases the beauty of the skin. This oil is specially used for enhancing the glow of the skin. Stretch marks can be prevented with the usage of the castor oil. The one of the ways of applying castor oil is applying it on the stretch marks and massaging gently in a circular motion. The second step is covering the area of stretch marks on your body with a cotton or thin cloth. You can apply little heat on the stretch marks affected area by using a heated pad or hot water bottle. This must be continued for five to ten minutes and for the period of at least one month.

Apply Warm Castor Oil On Affected Area

Potato And Castor Oil:

Combination of Castor oil with potato juice gives you an amazing result in relieving you from stretch marks. This mixture makes your stretch marks to leave quickly. Firstly, stir up potatoes in order to get potato juice and mix it with castor oil. After storing this mixture at a low temperature, apply it. After that, let that mixture dry at least for half an hour. Wash using warm water.

Potato And Castor Oil

Coconut Oil With Castor Oil:

Castor oil, the king of the beauty and health gives a superb result when it is combined with coconut oil. Coconut oil enhances the effectiveness of castor oil. Moreover the oils those are heated release skin hydrators and anti – oxidants. Firstly, heat the coconut oil and castor oil. Mix the same amount of the oils. After that, apply coconut oil and castor oil on the stretch marks. The combination of castor oil and coconut oil protects your skin against stretch marks. You can observe the positive results within few weeks with the regular application of this mixture.

Coconut Oil With Castor Oil

Cloves With Castor Oil:

To get rid of stretch marks of pregnancy, cloves with castor oil is one of the wonderful remedies. At first, Mix the few grinded cloves in castor oil and heat it. Apply on the stretch marks. After massaging the affected area for 15 minutes cover it for half an hour. Do this regularly two times a day. This method is more effective to cure the pregnancy stretch marks.

Cloves With Castor Oil

Castor Oil With Aloe Vera:

Castor oil and aloe vera are the two fantastic remedies to cure the stretch marks. The combination of these ingrediants gives you the amazing result in treating the stretch marks quickly. As a first step, crush the Aleo vera pulp and hit it until you get a fluid consistency. After that, add castor oil and heat the mixture. Apply this mixture on the stretch marks.

Castor Oil With Aloe Vera

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