5 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises You Must Try

Anti-Aging Facial Exercises

The face reveals age faster than any other part of your body. While many opt for cosmetic procedures, these can be quite gruesome and highly expensive. At times, invasive procedures may not produce lasting results also. But, there are certain anti-aging facial exercises that can be tried to control your age effectively. It is not only easy to do at home, it is effective and gives you results. Also referred to as face yoga, it helps to tighten skin through special muscular movements. Besides, it promotes the production of collagen, the ingredient responsible for maintaining skin elasticity.

Let’s Try 5 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises. Here Are The Details.

1. Exercise For Your Cheeks

Stand in front of a mirror and give a big smile with your lips closed. Try to give the ear to ear smile, as much as possible and then wrinkle your nose. Pull your nose in a tight wrinkle so while smiling to push the cheek muscles up. Remain in this position for five to ten seconds and then relax. Repeat this facial exercise 10 times. Regular practicing will stop the appearance of fine lines and keep wrinkles under control. It will also prevent the skin and muscles on your cheek from sagging.

Exercise For Your Cheeks

2. Exercise For Forehead

The forehead develops fine lines even before you realize. To smoothen out your forehead try the surprise face exercise. To do this, lift your eyebrows as much as you can and open your mouth wide. Stretch your mouth and eyebrows as much as possible. In the process, the eyes would also widen. Repeat this exercise 10 times in a day to get wrinkle free foreheads. And if you are scared of getting caught, simple act surprised and your exercise regime will be complete.

Exercise For Forehead

3. Exercise For Neck And Jaw Line

The muscles in front of the neck are referred to as platysma and as you age, it tends to sag. To prevent this, try to work your platysma muscles. Sit or stand comfortably and look up. Keep your head in position and roll your tongue until you touch the roof of your mouth. This movement will contract the muscles at the front of your neck. Keeping your tongue in position, gradually lower your face to touch the chin with the neck. You can now feel your lower platysma muscles contracting. Stay in this position for 20 seconds before relaxing. It is an excellent exercise for correcting double chins and preventing skin sagging around the neck and chin.

Exercise For Neck And Jaw Line

4. Exercise For Droopy Or Puffy Eyes

If fine lines have started appearing along the sides of your eye, the frown face exercise will help to get rid of it. It also efficiently manages puffed eyes or droopy eyelids. Stand in front of a mirror and place your index fingers along the outer corners of your eyebrows. Let the middle fingers rest against the inner corners of the eyebrows. Use your fingers to bring down the eyebrows. Squeeze your eyes slightly to form a frowning face. Make a sad face with your lips, curving them downwards. Stay in this position for 2 seconds. Repeat the exercise 8 times daily for best results.

Exercise For Droopy Or Puffy Eyes

5. Exercise For Full Face

Take a deep breath and hold the air in your mouth with your cheeks inflated. Remain in this position for a minute or as long as you don’t need to exhale. Slowly, breathe out from the nose. Continue 5 sets of this exercise for a perfectly toned face and neck.

Exercise For Full Face

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