3 Ways In Which Cherries Can Help You To Sleep Better

Ways In Which Cherries Can Help You To Sleep Better

Sleep is undoubtedly the best form of rest there is. After a tiring day at work or school, a good meal, a pillow or two and a comfortable bed is all you need to enjoy a good night’s slumber. But unfortunately, not everyone is able to experience sleep in the same way; in other words, the sleep quality varies from one individual to another. Some people, as soon as they touch the bed, enter a fantastic sleep and become entirely oblivious to the world around them, but some people barely catch a few hours of shut-eye. This can cause irritability and uneasiness during the hours of wakefulness. What can one do to tackle this problem? As it turns out, cherry is a fantastic solution to the problem of troubled sleeping.

Here Are The 3 Ways In Which Cherries Can Help You To Sleep Better:

1. Cherries Help In Regulating Sleep-cycles

Cherries are one of the few natural foods which are a great source of melatonin. Melatonin is greatly beneficial in regulating the body clock and therefore, regulating the sleep-cycle of people. During the months when fresh cherries are not available, one can consume dried cherries or cherry juice (tart cherry juice) to keep up the regulation of the melatonin in the body which improves sleep quality.


2. Consuming Cherry Juice Extends Sleep Time

Studies show that consuming cherry juice two times a day for a minimum duration of two weeks can significantly impact the sleep duration of an individual. It has been seen that drinking cherry juice in this way can increase one’s sleep time by as much as an hour and a half!

Juice of Tart Cherries

3. Cherries Improve Sleep Quality

Now that we know that consuming cherry juice can increase the time for which one sleeps, it is also crucial that the sleep that one gets is of good quality. A good quality sleep means that the person should be totally relaxed during sleep and should feel rejuvenated after waking up. As it turns out, cherries not only extend sleep time, they can also improve the quality of your sleep. In a study in which adults drank cherry juice in the above stated method, it was discovered that they were more relaxed and calm during the time of their wakefulness. Also, they reported having a ‘good and relaxing sleep.

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