3 Reasons How Sleep Apnea Can Cause Weight Gain

Reasons How Sleep Apnea Can Cause Weight Gain

Are you overweight? Has it ever happened to you that you feel tired all day inspite of having the prescribed healthy sleep of around 8 hours a day? Do you consider making through the day without napping a herculean task?

Though these symptoms can point to a variety of disorders, more often than not, you end up attributing sleep apnea as the root cause of all your problems. Lets delve deeper into what Sleep Apnea is all about and how it impacts our body and our general health and well being

What Is Sleep Apnea?

It id defined as the cessation of airflow during sleeping, preventing air from entering the lungs caused by an obstruction. Put in layman terms, Sleep Apnea is a disorder characterized by shallow /or infrequent breathing during sleep. So, despite having had taken the adequate amount of sleep superficially, you may have had experienced fatigue resulting from inadequate oxygen supply to refresh your lungs and brain.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Sleep Apnea Can Cause Weight Gain:

Sleep Apnea Causes Sleep Deprivation

This is basically the response of a human body towards fatigue caused by sleep deprivation. In order to keep you breathing, your body wakes you up several times during the night, without you even noticing this. So you wake up exhausted regardless of your supposed healthy slumber. It has been established scientifically now that, sleep deprivation can actually lead to unhealthy food cravings. You might find yourself craving for deep fried stuff, high calorie fatty, sugary foods. While being in this state of distress, body stores up all this fat, wreaking havoc on your waistline, your health. This leads to a vicious circle of junk eating and worsening sleep apnea. You continue packing more pounds with every passing day.

Sleep Apnea causes sleep deprivation

Sleep Apnea Facilitates Fat-storage

The biggest enemy of fitness and ally of excessive weight gain is excessive fat storage. Since you don’t get quality sleep when you are suffering from sleep apnea, you end up consuming more calories than you actually expend during the day. This results in fat storage and your weight increases.

Sleep apnea facilitates fat-storage

Sleep Apnea Also Disrupts REM Sleep

In addition to disrupted sleep, another influential factor is insufficient REM sleep. You might remember this term from your basic health class. If not, 5th stage of sleep is what is called Rapid Eye movement or REM. This is your dream stage that contains most of your dreams and this is the stage where your mind is in its most active stage. Hence, it signifies the state of your sleep where most of calorie-burning takes place. Sleep apnea patients rarely enter this stage of sleep as they abruptly wake up because of lack of oxygen. This inability of having uninterrupted sound sleep manifests itself in the form of insufficient calorie-burning capabilities.

Sleep Apnea also disrupts REM sleep

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