2 Must Do Yoga Exercises For Depression


A state of depression is one of the most dreadful mental disorders that can affect any individual. It not only causes lot of mental problems to the individual but also a lot of physical problems.

This is mainly because a person in depression is unable to eat and drink properly and which is why he/she suffers from various kinds of diseases. To avoid making a person to fall prey to depression it is necessary for an individual to take all the necessary steps that can prevent a person from going into depression and can effectively help him/her to bring himself/herself out of depression if at all a person goes into depression.

If you are also one of those people who are experiencing depression due to stress then you must know that you can easily get rid of it by practicing some simple yoga exercises. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the yoga exercises that will help bring you out of the state of depression.

Come Out Of Depression With The Help Of Mountain Pose:

A great way through which you can get rid of your depression is to practice the mountain pose. For this, you need to stand erect on your feet and both your legs closely touching each other.

Mountain Pose

Once you are in this position, raise your hands in the upwards direction and join the palms above the head. Take your one leg, place it on the thigh of the other leg, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. This yoga pose helps you to relax your muscles and provides you mental relief. This in turn helps you to get rid of the physical as well as mental strain that is caused due to depression.

Come Out Of Depression With The Help Of Plough Pose:

This is another best yoga exercise that you can practice to get rid of your depression. To practice this pose effectively you need to lie down on your back and bring your legs towards your head by bending them at your abdominal area. While doing so, see to it that you rest your hands besides your body and relax. This yoga pose helps to revitalize all the vital organs of your body and rejuvenates your mind. This in turn helps you to come out of the state of depression. While performing this yoga pose, you take a shape that is similar to a plough and hence this pose is known as the plough pose.

Plough Pose

These were some of the powerful yoga exercises that can help you to come out of your condition of depression and will help you to lead a healthy and peaceful life. Apart from following these yoga exercises, you also need to keep a watch on what you eat and keep a watch on your habits of smoking and drinking.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is the prime cause behind stress, which is the main reason behind making people feel depressed and lost. Therefore, if you want to come out of your state of depression straight away the best way is to give up the habit of smoking. Avoid getting into any kind of stressful situations and try to socialize as much as you can. Stay away from alcohol as it can only worsen your state of depression and will get you into it more than bringing you out from your depression state.

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