Cure Tinnitus Through Natural Methods

tinnitus treatmentTinnitus or ringing of the ears is a condition when the person hears a ringing sound inside his ears frequently that it disturbs him beyond imagination. Tinnitus is caused when the auditory nerves are damaged due to accidents, infections inside the ear, deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins, wax deposits inside the ear and when the internal organs inside the ear are damaged as a result of exposure to light.

It is a matter of great concern that tinnitus does not have any permanent cure. However, many who suffer from the condition might be relieved to know that a number of natural remedies could come of help to control and if lucky, to remove the condition completely.

Natural Cures For Tinnitus

Vitamins And Minerals

Several studies have come up with the suggestion that tinnitus could be triggered due to certain deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B, which is essential for the proper function and strength of nerves is also essential for proper auditory function. Deficiency of this vitamin is known to cause tinnitus.

If there is a deficiency in vitamin B 12, which is mostly the case when tinnitus occurs due to loud noises, it can be rectified through diet changes and supplements of the same.

Zinc is found in very high concentrations inside the ear. Therefore a deficiency of this vitamin could be another factor that leads to tinnitus. Mineral levels in the body can be checked when you have tinnitus. If there is zinc deficiency, take food that is rich in zinc and also supplements which could possibly stop your irritation.

Tinnitus can also be caused due to low amounts of magnesium in the body. Again the levels of magnesium have to be checked before confirming that the reason for tinnitus is magnesium deficiency. Make the right changes in the diet and include supplements with the help of a doctor. This will surely stop tinnitus of your ears.

Ginkgo Biloba

Optimum circulation of blood is very essential for the proper function of the brain and helps the brain to receive the messages sent by the organs and transmit them into commands and actions. Poor blood circulation is also one reason that can cause tinnitus. The Chinese herb ginkgo biloba is very good in treating circulation problems and can be used for treating tinnitus as well. Take adequate amounts with the guidance of a herbalist.

Oregano is another herb that has been found to help people with tinnitus. A bowl of wild oregano can be consumed daily or an infusion prepared from the same to be taken every day. Add dried leaves of oregano to boiling water and simmer for 5-7 minutes. Filter and drink two times a day and see if this helps you in any way.


A person with tinnitus must be very careful about what he eats and takes as certain food and medications are known to create trouble and increase the symptoms. Caffeine is bad for this condition and must be avoided altogether if your tinnitus is very bad. Similarly, alcohol too must be avoided as far as possible.

Salicylate which is present in apples and almonds too can play havoc with your ears and must be removed from your diet. Furthermore, you must also not take aspirin as it is known to bring about tinnitus.

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