16 Foods That Cleanse The Artery

Cleanse The Artery

When it comes to cleansing your arteries, the natural way is the best way. It prevents diseases and clogging of the arteries in the long run. The arteries need foods that are high on fibres to cleanse them and also provide the much needed nutrients. Build of plaque along with other deposits tends to block and clog the arteries, these are some foods that should be consumed on a regular basis to help them unclog.

Here Are The 16 Foods That Cleanse The Artery:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the best ways to get healthy fats and also de-clog the arteries would be through extra virgin olive oil. You should use the raw extra virgin olive oils on salads, dressings, etc. It helps to not on cleanse the arteries but also prevents further clogging.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Oats

Oats are easy to cook, tasty to eat and also provide with apt nourishment along with artery cleansing benefits. Oats should be consumed either with milk or yogurt along with fruits for best results. Have oats for breakfast or on empty stomach to ensure complete cleansing.

Oats (2)

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is another amazing food that aids in cleansing the arteries along with releasing toxins from the same. Broccoli is rich in fibres along with iron that is essential to cleanse the blood and in turn help the arteries unclog too.

Broccoli (2)

4. Nuts

All kinds of nuts are highly recommended to get healthy fatty acids, which play a crucial role in cleaning the arteries. Ideally, walnuts along with almonds and Brazilian nuts are recommended. Munch on them during breakfast or even snacks.


5. Avocados

This yummy fruit is very high on good fat content. It is also rich in different kinds of minerals and vitamins, which works together to give you a complete artery cleanse. Mash and have it with some veggies or even on its own with a  dash of lime.


6. Salmon

This fish is really good for giving your arteries a cleanse, but only as long as you have it grilled or lightly poached. It contains elements that help to lower triglyceride levels along with decreasing inflammation.


7. Turmeric Juice

Get some fresh turmeric from the market and crush it in a blender after taking the peel off. The juice of turmeric not only cleanses and purifies your blood but also gives your arteries a complete cleanse.

Turmeric Juice

8. Orange Juice

Orange juice is high on vitamins content along with antioxidants that helps to get rid of clogged particles in the blood vessels and your arteries. Ideally, you should try to have some orange juice with pulp because of the benefits of the added fibres.

Orange Juice

9. Cinnamon

This spice in particular is good for cleaning the arteries and also reduce the swelling in the area. It gets rid of plague build up and also lowers the cholesterol levels in the body. Have cinnamon in your tea, coffee and foods and drinks to get your arteries cleansed up.

Honey and cinnamon Mask

10. Feta Cheese

Moderate consumption of feta cheese on a regular basis helps you to get the goodness of healthy fats, but without causing any health problems. These fats don’t get deposited on the arteries, rather they help you to unclog the same.


11. Spinach

An amazing cleansing agent, spinach really works to cleanse the arteries, but does the task best when taken raw. So you should try to have more of spinach in salads and juices rather than the cooked forms for best results.

Spinach (2)

12. Watermelon

Watermelon is high on water and purifying ingredients that gives your system a complete cleanse. Water melon should be chewed upon instead of taking the juice so that you get the best of fibres and natural juices to cleanse your arteries.


13. Black Coffee

2 cups of black coffee a day, without any added sugar is known for helping you cleanse the arteries. However, remember to not go overboard because too much caffeine can slow down the progress of the cleansing arteries.

Black coffee

14. Green Tea

Green tea contains an ingredient name cetachin that is known for cleansing the arteries and helps to unclog pores. You should have this ideally on an empty stomach to avail the best results.

Green Tea (2)

15. Celery

You can munch on celery sticks or even have their juice. Celery contains natural detoxifying agents that are known for not only cleansing the arteries but also get rid of toxins that are plagued along its walls.


16. Coriander

Another amazing artery cleansing food is coriander. Ideally people have it in the juice form. But when doing so, make sure that you use the stems too along with leaves. If munching then chop the coriander finely and have it raw with salads or even on its own for added benefits of artery cleansing.


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