15 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Bryony Roots

Health Benefits Of Bryony Roots

Does the name ‘bryony’ ring any bells in your head? If it doesn’t, let us help you out with it. Bryonia is actually a genus of a flowering plant that belongs to the gourd family. The most commonly used name for the plant is ‘bryrony’ (instead of bryonia). This plant is usually found in North Africa, South Asia and Canary Islands, and is native to Eurasia. It is not a very popular herb, so to speak. It is true that it is a very strong purgative and can be toxic as well, and therefore strong expert guidance is suggested while using bryony. But one simply cannot overlook the amazing health benefits bryony roots have to offer.

Here Are A Few Health Benefits Of Bryony Roots That You Should Know About:

Bryony Roots Help Against Influenza.

A patient suffering from influenza usually suffers through a swollen and red nose and an irritably constricted throat. In some cases, the patient also suffers from immense body ache and headache. In such conditions, bryony roots can be really helpful to combat these symptoms and provide relief.


They Provides Relief To Women Suffering From Breast Pain.

Women who are pregnant or are lactating, may experience a searing pain in their breasts. According to some homeopathic studies, bryony roots are good for providing relief from breast pain in women.

breast pain.

They Help In Resurrecting A Smooth Bowel Movement.

Many people suffer from a condition wherein they don’t feel satisfied after passing stool. This condition has many stages, but in general, it may be referred to as an abnormal bowel movement. Bryony roots, with their amazing medicinal qualities, help in easing the bowel movements and providing relief to the patient.

Eases Bowel Movement

Black Bryony Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

People tend to use bryony roots on wounds and injuries of the skin, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the bryony roots. They can help in preventing inflammation of the wound and quicken the process of healing.


Bryony Roots Can Help In Easing Joint Pains.

Constriction in the movement of muscles and bones can lead to a painful experience to anyone. This discomfort in bones and muscles can be caused due to a swelling in the bone joints or some other external factor. Thanks to the amazing anti-rheumatic properties, bryony roots can help in easing pain of the muscles and joints.

Relieve Joint Pain

They Help In Improving Blood Circulation In The Scalp.

A healthy scalp is very important in order to maintain a shiny and strong lock of hair on one’s head. Black bryony does just that by improving the circulation of blood in the scalp, thus improving its health.

Improving Blood Circulation In The Scalp

Black Bryony Can Be Used To Provide Relief In Torn Muscles.

Torn muscles can be a nasty suffering, especially when you just cannot avoid physical exercise. Black bryony comes in handy as it helps in reducing pain due to torn muscles.

Black Bryony Can Be Used To Provide Relief In Torn Muscles

Bryony Roots Can Help Against Dry Coughs.

One of the most irritating, yet extremely common medical discomfort is dry cough. It usually involved seemingly incessant coughing which leads to a dry throat, mouth and chest. In fact, in its worse cases, it causes mucous membranes of the afflicted person to dry out, making those fits of dry-coughing even more painful. There are certain homeopathic studies that suggest that bryony roots can help to cure this ailment, when taken in right amounts, under an expert’s supervision.


Bryony Roots Help Against Constipation.

Bryony roots have been found to provide relief when one is suffering from constipation, or an inability to pass stool on a regular basis.


Black Bryony Boosts Hair Growth.

Since black bryony does help in improving blood circulation in your scalp, it essentially helps you to improve the health of your scalp and consequently, the health of your hair. That’s why black bryony is considered a suitable choice to treat hair loss.

Hair Growth

They Help In Calming Your Nerves.

You may feel mentally agitated due to a lot reasons like stress, tension and depression. Bryony roots help in calming your nerves down due to their unmatched anti-depressant qualities.

They Help In Calming Your Nerves

Bryony Roots Can Be Helpful Against Gout.

Gout is a kind of arthritis in which the patient suffers a sudden stiffness and a burst of searing pain in their bone joints. Bryony roots are said to be helpful against gout.

Gout problems

They Can Help In Combating Depression.

Depression can be caused due to a host of psychological and biological factors, and the people who suffer from depression tend to feel alienated and cut-off from the world. Thankfully, bryony roots have anti-depressant properties that can help in curing depression.


Black Bryony Can Significantly Reduce Kidney-Related Ailments.

Black bryony roots are one of the best natural diuretics known to humankind. It is a tremendous medicine to treat obstruction of urine, gravel and other disorders pertaining to kidneys.

Kidney disease

Bryony Roots Can Help In Easing Headaches.

Headache is one affliction that afflicts almost everyone at some point in their life. A severe headache can be really enervating and people who suffer from chronic severe headaches have a hard time focusing and concentrating on things. Fortunately, there are a number of herbs and plants that can help against headaches, and bryony roots are one of them.

Removes Migraines and Headaches

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.