15 Amazing Benefits Of Figs

15 Amazing Benefits Of Figs

Figs are one of the fruits that are great in nutrition and come with amazing health benefits. The juicy delights are now available in dried and fresh forms too, which makes it perfect for consumption. In fact, as per the Muslim holy book these are fruits that come with innumerable health gains. Also known as Ficus carica L in Latin, this fruit originally came from west Asia. The fruit is high on minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc. which also makes it perfect to eat on a daily basis.

So Here Are Some Of The Amazing Benefits Of The Fig-

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Figs are one of the fruits that are high in potassium content, which is known for reducing and balancing blood pressure. These days most individuals consume high amounts of sodium because of processed foods or even high salt intake. By consuming fruits like fig, the potassium helps in balancing out the levels of blood pressure. Blood pressure can be drastically reduced by eating figs on a regular basis.

blood pressure


Fights Obesity

Fig is a great fruit that curbs your dessert or sweet cravings, without trying too hard. Basically figs are high in natural sugars and this satiates sweet craving. It is also rich in fibres, which in turn aids digestion and helps in weigh loss too. You can have figs on their own or with some milk or yogurt for a healthy breakfast.


Higher Energy Levels

Fruits are high on natural sugars and glucose and figs are one of them. Basically it is a great way to provide the body with some energy on hot and humid days. Consuming some figs at breakfast boosts energy levels and helps you stay fit.

Higher Energy Levels

Prevents Cancer

One of the ingredients found in figs named Coumarin is known for reducing the risk of Prostate Cancer. As per recent studies it has been found that figs also help to reduce the risk of both breast cancer along with colon cancer.

Prevents cancer

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Figs are rich in soluble fibres that are easily absorbed by the body. It also contains pectin that helps in reducing levels of blood cholesterol. The fibre is easily dissolved and absorbed by the body and this in turn helps to balance out cholesterol in the blood.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Protects Against Macular Degeneration

It has been seen that eating carrots helps in having brighter eyes. But over the years, the brightness goes away. By eating figs, you can fight this problem of macular degeneration. Having at least 2-3 servings of fig per days helps to drastically reduce and combat this problem, which often happens in younger children.

Macular Degeneration

Fights Cardiovascular Diseases

Figs are also rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 along with potassium, which are known for combating different kinds blood pressure related issues along with coronary heart attack. As per studies, it has been seen that figs reduce levels of triglycerides that are a form of fat in the blood. The minerals in figs melt faster in the blood to combat these issues.

Heart Health

Reduce Risk Of Diabetes

A recent study showed that individuals who were consuming figs on a regular basis tend to have reduced risk of blood sugar as compared to those who don’t. On the whole, figs along with their leaves should be consumed by patients who are suffering from diabetes as reduces need of insulin.

Control Diabetes

As A Laxative

Like all other fruits, figs too are a great way to kick start your digestive functions. However, they are much higher on the laxative functions due to the natural seeds found within them, which helps to flush out toxins along with waste matter.

digestive health

Source Of Calcium

People who are allergic to dairy products tend to suffer from calcium deficiency. But eating figs can combat that. This fruit can be easily consumed by both vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. The high calcium content, balances out the need for other sources.

Source Of Calcium


Figs are also rich source of natural Benzaldehid like Phenol. It also contains anti-tumour agents along with microorganisms that help to kill different kinds of fungus including pathogens and viruses too. Hence it is a great anti-fungal agent too.

Fungal Nail

Prevents Anemia

Figs are very rich in iron content too, which has been seen as a crucial element in curbing anaemia. The deep colour of the fruit comes from the rich iron that helps in fighting and treating anaemia to a great extent.


Versatile Gourmet Delight

You can easily include figs in all meals. Have them with yogurt or as a smoothie for breakfast. Add them to your favourite salads for lunch or even for a dessert. You can have fig with blue cheese in pizza for a gourmet delight.

figs smoothie

Reduces Inflammation

Use figs for areas on the skin that have inflammation. Figs are known to help in treating ulcers too. You can consume it internally for ulcers and use it externally as a paste on inflamed skin.

Reduce inflammation

Face Cleanser

Use a scrub or puree of figs to cleanse the face. It gets rid of impurities and works as a natural scrub. It nourishes the skin too without making it too oily.

Face Cleanser

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