12 Stress Relieving Natural Treatments For ADHD

natural treatment for adhdADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common problem among children. Most of the time the symptom goes unnoticed and are misunderstood as many parents do not have any idea about the disorder and very few seek expert help to combat the problem. ADHD is not just a problem among kids.

The truth is that many adults too face this problem later in life. ADHD in adults is more difficult to deal with and may cause several adjustment problems for their spouses. ADHD can lead to constant discord between couples as the disorder is often misunderstood for lack of love and goes undiagnosed as it becomes worse.

The symptoms for this disorder manifests itself as forgetfulness, difficulty in concentrating, irritability,  difficulty in sleeping, poor skills in organising, impulsive behaviour, restlessness and mood swings and depressions.

If you suspect any of your near and dear ones as having ADHD, do not delay to seek help. Fortunately, a number of home remedies too can be safely administered to your kids as well as adults to improve the condition. Though all may not respond adequately to natural treatments, there is no harm in trying before you seek professional treatment options.

Natural Ways to Cure ADHD

1. Chamomile for Treating ADHD

Stress and nervousness can sometimes lead to ADHD. Busting stress and rendering a certain calmness to your body and mind are therefore essential aids that can stop ADHD. Chamomile being a calming and soothing herb for the nerves can be used for treating ADHD as well. A tea made of chamomile can be consumed 2-3 times a day to prevent nervous tension and stress from your life and relieve anxiety. This will automatically put an end to ADHD too. Boil a tablespoon of dried chamomile and steep for 10 minutes before drinking it.

2. Ginkgo Biloba can Treat ADHD

The Chinese herb has a host of benefits that can offer relief from illnesses pertaining to the brain as well as central nervous system. Ginkgo also improves the circulation of blood in the body and is a good antioxidant that keeps the body away from free radical damage.  ADHD can be treated effectively by using leaf extracts of ginkgo biloba.

3. Use Lemon Balm for Treating ADHD

Lemon balm is a mild sedative and hence helps in calming the nerves. Regular intake of lemon balm can help in curing difficulties related to memory lapse, poor concentration, mental performance, accuracy and attention problems. These are all problems related to ADHD and hence using lemon balm can cure ADHD in most cases.

4. Valerian for Curing ADHD

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Valerian can impart good sleep in people suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is one of the symptoms associated with ADHD and hence taking valerian can help you relieve stress related problems that lead to insomnia. Valerian is a mild sedative as well and hence must not be taken while you are out or driving. Consult an herbalist before taking it to make sure that it does not interfere with other medications.

5. Juices That Can Help Cure ADHD

Certain fruit as well as vegetable juices are known to cure ADHD. These include parsley, pear, celery and fennel in its raw form. These juices have ingredients that can make your memory sharp and mind calm. Make sure that you take these juices in its raw and pure form and not with additives and chemicals which could actually do the opposite of what you are seeking.

6. Skullcap for Treating ADHD

Skullcap is an herb used for treating a variety of disorder like anxiety, depression, insomnia and tiredness. Skullcap is packed with potent minerals that help in keeping the nervous system strong and healthy. Irritability and anxiety that is experienced due to stressful situation in adults can aggravate the symptoms of ADHD. Skullcap is a good remedy for treating these symptoms and relieving ADHD.

7. Rooibos for Treating ADHD

This potent herb has natural antioxidants a plenty and can help you treat a multitude of disorders. Rooibos is also an anti spasmodic and has properties that can control anxiety, thus relieving stress, insomnia and other symptoms of ADHD. Apart from these, Rooibos also has alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C and minerals that are necessary for marinating nervous system health.

8. Melatonin for treating ADHD

Melatonin is an herb that is generally recommended for treating the symptoms of sleep disorders. It is administered in doses of 1-3 milligrams in order to cure the symptoms associated with ADHD.

9. Importance of Omega 3 Fatty Acids to Cure ADHD

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Regular intake of food that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids will help relieve the problems associated with ADHD. Omega 3 fatty acids can also be taken as supplements. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are proved to be the most beneficial in treating the symptoms of ADHD. Fish oil contains DHA and EPA which are essential components that can treat ADHD. Other forms of omega supplements generally lack these two ingredients. Hence fish oil must be included as supplements and in the diet to get the maximum benefit.

10. Zinc for Curing ADHD

A deficiency of this mineral is proven to create symptoms of ADHD. Zinc therapy is supposed to cure ADHD if the symptoms that you face is associated with zinc deficiency. However, before taking zinc supplements, a mineral level test must be taken in order to confirm that zinc deficiency is indeed the trigger that causes ADHD.

11. Protein Remedy for Treating ADHD

Protein intake is very essential for keeping the brain focused and alert. This is true especially among children. Thus increasing the intake of protein can automatically reverse the symptoms and improve brain function. Protein rich foods encourage the brain to produce dopamine and nor epinephrine which are the essential chemicals that are naturally secreted by the body to stay focused.

12. Mediation for Curing ADHD

Mediation can cure all stress and anxiety related problems. Finding time every day for a few minutes of meditation will make sure that your mind is very calm and relaxed and your concentration and brain function improves. Meditating just before you are off to sleep will also help you get good sleep, free from stress and anxiety.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.