10 Natural Skin Care Tips

Amidst all the tips being doled out on having good skin, it is important for a person to recognize which skin care tip is suitable for him or her for the reason that every person possesses different skin types that requires different treatment. Many people have their own set of skin care regimen which they apply as per their own convenience.Natural Skin Care

There are some basic tips which are common for every skin type. In first phase of skin care, basic tips must be followed so as to retain natural texture of the skin.

First Phase of Natural Skin Care

Try not to do excessive travelling under sunlight. Over exposure to sunlight can turn skin patchy or even make it appear ripened ahead of time. If roaming under sunlight cannot be avoided then protect your skin by applying sunscreen cream high in SPF content or by using umbrella.

Smoking proves a big impediment in natural well-being of skin because it deprives skin of full oxygen in blood. Giving up smoking is not an easy task, so chalk out a plan to subside this addictive habit.

There’s one integrated natural skin care tip which includes three aspects which are absolutely essential in both artificial skin care regimen and natural skin care regimen. It involves cleaning, toning and moisturizing.

People having dry and oily skin must wash their face at least twice a day regularly with suitable face wash lotion. You can also clean your face with moderate skin sterilizer. It makes the minute opening on the surface of the skin dirt-free in addition to removing the worn out skin cells which becomes stumbling blocking in making skin healthy and fresh. Try not to use soap on face.

Oily Skin

Applying good quality toner rejuvenates the skin by stimulating not only the skin’s surface but also minute openings on the surface. It also strengthens the flow of blood.

Replenishing the skin with necessary amount of moisture repair the acidic equilibrium required for the skin and if there is any sought of unevenness of such nature then toner sets it right.

People of all skin types must go for normal facial cleansing or scrubbing once in a week as it will certainly diminish signs of any strain on the skin and will make it appear more relaxed.

All Skin Types

Utility of Home Made Skin Care Products

Using home made facial packs, toners or scrubber exhibits far more beneficial results than artificial products. All the natural ingredients to take care of your skin are available in your own kitchen. Moreover, natural ingredients hardly make any dent in your pocket.

One of the best natural scrub packs that can be made and applied instantly comprises of two ingredients, i.e. Sugar and olive oil. First of all, apply olive oil uniformly on the face. You can apply it on your neck also.

After that, stick sugar on your fingers and start rubbing down your fingers in a circular motion onto the face and especially massage your forehead. Do this exercise for at least two to four minutes. In the end, wash your face with normal water and feel the magic that has been created. Here, olive oil can be replaced with lemon if desired.

Facial Packs

Significance Of Diet And Breathing Exercises

One of the most important skin care tip is to take care of your diet. It should not only be a good diet but it should be full of different nutrition since whatever a person eats reflects on his or her skin. Fibre plays a major role in stimulating your digestive system. It also keeps your bowel movement in an excellent condition. So, taking nutritious diet is far more important than having a good diet.

Breathing exercises have now become an integral part of any skin care regimen on two counts. First is that it is natural and second is its suitability for any type of skin. Initially, practice simple breathing exercise for a minimum of two minutes. Gradually, increase the timing to five minutes and also increase the intensity of breathing. Through breathing exercise, blood in our body gets enriched with fresh oxygen which is carried through the entire body, thereby refreshing it naturally.

Breathing Exercises

For having good skin, you must have an excellent digestion. It has normally been observed that people who suffer from any type of skin disorder experience some kind of problem in digestion. Their digestive system is not in an excellent condition. To boost up your capacity of digestion, start drinking more water, eating fibrous fruits and vegetables as they promptly eliminates toxins from skin, thereby putting a stop to the problem of constipation.

Try to stay away from overindulging in sugary foodstuff. Many people might not be aware of this fact but consuming sugar more than normal level can speed up the process of untimely ripening of skin. Excess sugar harms the tiny part of protein by bonding with it. The resultant material which is formed as a result of this bonding causes wear and tear of skin collagen along with ligaments and cartilage which in turn advances the pasting of elasticity of skin. Gradually, skin began to crumple and hang down.

Water plays a crucial role in keeping your skin fit and fine from both outside and inside. Apart from drinking adequate amount of water, take a glassful of warm water and add two spoonful of raw lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey. It will give a new lease of life to your skin.

Moreover, do steaming on your face. This procedure will eradicate filth from deep inside your facial skin and will open up the pores. With this natural skin care tip, blackheads can be easily removed from the face since steam will make the blackheads softer and easier to remove.


Patterns Indicating Health Of The Skin

There are very small but essential things that must be kept in mind when you are starting out a skin care regimen. As a matter of fact, sleeping pattern, bowel movement, psychological state and also intensity of physical movement of a person indicates the condition of skin. Remember that all these patterns have the capacity to change the texture of the skin. So, a concerted effort must be made to keep these factors in mind to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.