12 Essential Health Benefits Of Yacon Root

Health Benefits Of Yacon Root

Yacon, also known as Peruvian ground apple is native to the South American region and is extremely popular in the form of their root for consumption due to its great health benefits.

Some Of The Health Benefits And Uses Of Yacon Root Are Discussed Below:

Promotes Heart Health

One of the most important health benefits of consuming yacon root lies in the fact that it contains a certain type of sugar which is great in lowering the level of high cholesterol in the blood stream. This in turn helps decrease the chances of getting affected by heart ailments and strokes.

Heart health

Promotes Proper Liver Function

Yacon root is loaded with glucose which is an essential component to keep the human body in proper health. The glucose present in yacon root helps in regulating all the liver functions in the body and also prevents it from functioning abnormally as well. Researches have also shown that consumption of yacon root has been beneficial in preventing fat accumulation in the liver while maintaining optimal liver health too!

Detoxify Liver

Promotes Digestive Health

Yacon root is great if consumed due to the fact that it contains probiotic substances which enhance the growth and proliferation of micro flora in the body which helps in the proper utilization of the minerals and the vitamins in the body as well. Along with this, yacon leaves help in tackling the issues of bloating and constipation too. Graver stomach concerns such as gastric ulcers and colon cancers have also seen to be prevented with its consumption.

Treats Digestive Problems

Promotes Weight Loss

Yacon root consumption may not be known for its great effects in the domain of weight loss, but researchers have found that consumption of yacon roots in the daily diet actually reduced the amount of weight in a person over a period of time. This is due to the fact that yacon roots are low on the calorie content and thus helps in preventing obesity too.

Faulty weight loss programs

Help Prevent Cancer

Yacon root consumption has also been associated with the property of preventing cancers. This is due to the fact that yacon is rich in certain compounds which have inhibitory impact on the growth of the cancer cells.


Regulates Blood Pressure

Yacon root consumption is also great in terms of the maintenance of blood pressure in the body due to the fact that it is loaded with potassium which are great for the heart health. The high potassium content relaxes the body’s blood vessels and thereby reduces the strain on the heart as well. It helps in increasing the blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body parts while balancing the tissues and cells in the body along with regulating the fluids too.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Helps In Regulation Of Blood Sugar

Yacon root consumption is said to do wonders for a person suffering from diabetes. This is due to the fact that it has the ability of controlling the blood sugar level in the body as it tends to increase the insulin levels in the blood.

Blood Sugar Levels

Reduces Cholesterol And Triglyceride Levels

Yacon roots contain a kind of sugar named fuctooligosaccheride which is great in lowering the low density lipoprotein and triglyceride levels in the body. Apart from this various studies have shown that consumption of yacon root on a daily basis helps in reducing the amount of the LDL cholesterol from the body too which are otherwise harmful if accumulated in high quantities.

Lowers Cholesterol

Promotes Metabolism

Yacon root consumption has also been seen to promote the metabolism in the human body due to the fact that it prevents excess accumulation of cholesterol in the blood which in turn helps in the overall body health as well.


Prevents Chronic And Inflammatory Ailments

Due to the presence of antioxidants in yacon root, consumption of the same is great for one in order to keep any inflammatory or chronic ailments at bay.


Promotes Immunity

Consumption of yacon roots have been associated with being great in promoting the immune system of the body due to it being loaded with nutrients which help in keeping the immune system in proper shape.

Immune System

Improved Bone Health

With age comes thousands of health woes and one of it being the decrease in the bone density. Here added to the calcium supplements, yacon root consumption can actually help in the fortification of the bones especially in the spine region. Due to this reason the age related bone issues such as osteoporosis, scoliosis and osteoarthritis can be prevented if not greatly delayed in the process.

Boost Bone Health

Fresh yacon roots can be consumed along with lemon juice and honey or mixed with a salad due to its nice sweet taste which is great to incorporate in the diet along with the fact that it actually has tons of health benefits as well. This might rather come as a surprise but the truth is that yacon roots are used as a natural sweetener and have been usually used in the manufacture of sugar free sweeteners available in the market. Thus, yacon sweeteners can also act as a great product to be added to coffee or tea too. Yacon plants have been used extensively by the South Americans since time immemorial in the preparation of tribal medications. These medications made using yacon roots have been known to be beneficial to treat bladder and kidney related ailments along with being equally great to cure nephritis and myalgia as well.

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