12 Easy Ways To Boost Your IQ

boost your IQ

Many people are still searching for answers and ways to boost their IQ or intelligence quotient. With stress and hectic lifestyles, it’s easy for the mind to become cluttered, disorganized and drained out. There has also been a rise in the incidence of memory loss related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

This has made people more receptive to the idea of brain boosting activities to keep the mind sharp and intellectual. Keeping your brain challenged can help you remain rational, as well as create and allow you to think out problems in a constructive manner. Here are some ways by which you can boost your brainpower and IQ.

Tips to Boost Your IQ

Work On Those Writing Skills

writing skills

Writing is a great way to give shape to your thoughts and ideas. It has tremendous creative potential and can make you rethink and ponder over crucial and critical decisions. If you are new to the field of writing, start a diary or a written journal. Write about the daily events in your life, the people around you, your feelings, thoughts and emotions. It is a great introspective tool and allows you to express yourself better. People who write have better vocabulary and better power over the use of language.



Meditation is a great way of bridging the gap from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. Meditation does little to boost the IQ but allows your mind to clear itself of mental clutter, chaos and confusion. This in turn gives you greater power over the information, which you wish to store and process in the brain. People who meditate have claimed to perform better at memory related tasks and also have astounding retentive abilities.

Exercise Your Body For A Sharp And Keen Mind

We all know the benefits of exercise on our body. Not only does it keep the body toned and supple but it also keeps the mind fresh and alert. People who exercise daily in the morning feel fresher and more attentive towards their work during the later hours of the day.


Have A Varieties Of Hobbies

Having an interesting array of different hobbies helps you to gain considerable knowledge about these fields. Hobbies like fishing, mountaineering and numismatics give you an in-depth knowledge and enhance your knowledge repertoire in these areas thus boosting your IQ. Make sure you have at least 3-4 different hobbies.



There is nothing as stimulating and exciting for the mind as giving it a good dose of bookish knowledge. Reading for at least 20 minutes every day will enhance your IQ by at least 10-20%. Do not waste time reading trashy books and magazines. Go for bestsellers, news magazines or even newspapers, which greatly enhance your knowledge and thus boost your IQ.


Board Games

Get involved and play with challenging board games. Board games like chess and scrabble are great for the mind and boost your thinking abilities and IQ like no other. Board games are also a constructive way of spending and utilizing your time.

board games


Puzzles like Sudoku and crossword puzzles are excellent in terms of jogging your memory and making you learn new words. Sudoku is a number puzzle that enhances your problem solving ability. Crossword puzzles can really help you with your vocabulary. People who do crossword puzzles daily have reported having a higher IQ than those who do not indulge in them at all. You can also dabble in puzzles and intelligence battery tests. Go over the solutions and try to solve and do newer tests. These will help your mind to stay sharp and active.

puzzle games

Build Your Emotional IQ

A lot of people claim to have high IQ but are abysmally low on the scale of EQ or emotional intelligence. They lack sensitivity, prudence and discretion while dealing with others. Emotional Quotient is built only by interacting with people, being a social animal and honing your communication skills. In this area, attending a few courses in assertiveness training may actually help you to become better and have higher emotional Quotient.

emotional IQ

Get Creative

Make sure you tap into your creativity in as many different ways as you can. Get enrolled in a dance class, become an aerobics instructor, paint a picture or a portrait or compose a new song, which you can sing to others. Creativity helps you to tap into the unseen and uncharted areas of your mind and helps them to become more stimulated.


Do A Different Thing Everyday

Challenge your mind in as many different ways as you can by doing something new every day. Make a new friend, plant a tree or take a different route to your place of work. Try your hand at navigating and map reading which helps to enhance your spatial intelligence.

different activities

Go Abroad

If your budget and time permit it, actively seek out new places, destinations and cultures. Go alone, as this too requires a lot of mental stamina and guts. Exploring new places all by yourself challenges your brain because you then have to do a lot of work in adapting and adjusting to a new society.

go abroad

Meet people and interact with people of a different culture. You will be amazed with the wealth of information and knowledge that you receive from them. It will shape your own views and philosophies in life and give a new and added dimension to different perspectives. When interacting with people from a different race, you will learn a new language as well as their customs and traditions, which will enhance your knowledge base.

Minimize TV Viewing

minimize tv viewing

While the TV does give you enough choices in terms of educative programmes, it is still not said to be very beneficial for the mind. You are better off limiting your TV viewing time and engaging in all or some of the above activities. Utilize the time instead to read a book, play a new game or talk to a knowledgeable friend. By doing this, you are exposing your mind to different experiences. These tips if practiced daily will enrich the mind and enhance your overall IQ.

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