10 Tips For Perfect Abs

A fitness enthusiast can immensely benefit from these awesome tips to get a taut and tight stomach. The foundation of a strong core is functional strength, muscle tone and muscular endurance. These can be easily attained if you follow some basic tips. The essential key is hydration, rest, the correct training and diet.

Perfect Abs

Tips To Get Perfect Abs

Always Perform Ab Exercises With Good Form

Form and posture are essential while following an ab workout. Always take tips from an expert trainer for best results. Certain ab moves when done improperly can give you an injured back. Get in touch with a fitness guru or a trainer who has considerable expertise in the field of fitness training.

Ab Exercises

Stick To The Basics

You do not need 20 different exercises to work those ab muscles. Stick to 3-5 different exercises and do their variations in order to get good results. If you want, do not exercise your Ab muscles more than 3 times a week. Rest and recovery are crucial in order to get that envious six-pack.

Stick To The Basics

Trim The Fat

Let me tell you that fat and muscle are two very different things and one is not miraculously converted to another. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that a layer of fat on your stomach will make your dream of six-pack abs an elusive goal. You need to trim the layer of fat on your belly before you can flaunt a taut stomach.

Sorry, but there are no shortcut solutions to this rule. Once the layer of fat comes off, your muscle tone will automatically be revealed and you will be able to flaunt that much sought after six-pack. In order to do this, follow an intense cardio vascular programme 4-6 times a week with each session lasting for 30 minutes. Do what you enjoy doing.  You can choose from a range of cardio vascular exercises like cycling, swimming and running.

Trim fat

Practice Good Posture

The key to a flat belly is excellent posture even when you are not in the gym. Sit straight with an erect spine and stomach pulled in tight. This will give you an added advantage and make it easier for you to practice good form especially when you are working out in the gym. Another trick is to pull your stomach in when you are doing your weight training exercises in the gym. This will further tone your tummy and give it a chiselled definition.

weight exercise


People do not bother to stretch and cool down after an intense workout. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Stretching is an important part of getting fit and getting those lean and long muscles. Stretch for at least 10 minutes after every workout to allow your muscles to recover from the strain.


Perform Sit-Ups Correctly

Sit-ups are a very basic ab exercise, which many people perform incorrectly. It is vital to suck in your stomach before you come up so that the ab muscles feel the strain. Keep your back flat and firmly pressed on the ground.

Your head and neck should be straight. Pull up from your upper back and not the neck. Doing the exercise with correct form will ensure faster results and keep your abs in peak condition.

sit ups

Target The Obliques

The obliques are an important muscle group and are often brought into use especially if you want to see that sleek line running down on either side of your stomach. In order to work this muscle group, do bicycle crunches, which specifically target the obliques. These are done by bringing the knees to the elbows. You can also incorporate other forms of exercises like side bends and side planks to target and work the oblique muscles. Doing these exercises regularly will give you good obliques.


Diet To The Rescue

Nothing in the world can compensate for a good diet. A diet is extremely crucial while building six pack abs or a well-defined stomach. It has been rightly said that abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. You will ruin all our chances of a flat belly if you come home from the gym and eat trash. Stick to a belly fat blasting diet that contains fibre, multi grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and high-grade protein. Protein is the building block of muscle and is needed to get tight and toned abs.

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Eat lean fish, poultry, egg whites and low fat dairy to get your daily quota of protein. Stay away from refined foods, sugar, saturated fats and salt which lead to excessive weight gain and bloating. Eat regular meals every 2-3 hours so that you do not stay hungry for too long. Eat fibrous fruits like apples and pears, which fill you up and give you a toned belly without piling on the excess calories.


Drink Water

Your body needs water to flush out unhealthy toxins and also to rehydrate those worked out muscles. Sip on water throughout the day. Aim to have at least eight glasses of water. Make sure you also sip on water throughout your workout so that your muscles remain hydrated.


Never Over Train

The dangers of overtraining outweigh the benefits of training. Make sure you give your body ample rest in between workouts. Abs should ideally be worked upon no more than 4 times a week. Do them with the proper breathing technique and good form and you will see results. If you feel pain during exercise, stop doing the exercise immediately to prevent the risk of inuring or hurting yourself.

Once you get used to an exercise, graduate to doing more difficult and challenging ab workouts in consultation with your trainer. Increase the intensity by doing more reps or sets of the same exercise. Never do any new exercise on your own no matter how many years you may have spent in the gym.

These are some basic training and diet tips that will help you reach your goal of flat abs. Give yourself time to reach that goal. It takes months, sometimes years to get a flat and toned stomach so give yourself that much time.

never over train

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