10 Natural Ways To Get Soft Skin On Elbows

Ways To Get Soft Skin On Elbows

Elbows are one of the dull and dry body parts which need some pampering! This is the area which gets rough, patchy, pigmented and dry. Elbows are explores to skin folds which can make it look darker and patchy. You need various home ingredients and recipes which can make your elbows look bright and feel super smooth! We understand that in short sleeves and sleeveless dresses, you would feel quite embarrassing if you have dark and patchy elbows. Every woman would want glorious and gorgeous skin which is provided by the home ingredients. These cool natural ingredients would simply maintain the pH balance of your skin, maintain blood flow and get cool results over pigmentation!

Here Are Some Of The Coolest Ways You Can Make Your Elbows Velvety Smooth!

1. Tomato Lemon Juice Mix

These are the nourishing agents which would get awesome results on your rough and dry elbows. Tomato juice has bleaching properties which can fight various skin issues such as dark skin and pigmentation while lemon juice would fight the patchy and unpleasing skin with various acids and enzymes. Mix these juices and apply it on the elbows for quick results!

Tomato Lemon Juice Mix

2. Almond Oil Massage

What can be more nourishing and soothing than the almond oil massage? This thrilling and cool ingredient is filled with awesome nourishing elements which can make your skin glow and super smooth. If you want velvety soft and smooth skin, go of this hydrating and smoothening massage which would get you cool results!

Almond Oil Massage

3. Sugar Honey Scrub

If you want gorgeous and stunning skin, you must try scrubbing your skin. This amazing remedy has cool impacts over your skin and would surely get you awesome results. Sugar and honey are nourishing ingredients which can work miracles and wonders on your skin. Apply this cool scrub on your elbows and get bright beautiful and gorgeous skin over the elbows!

Sugar Honey Scrub

4. Banana Honey Mixture

Bananas are as delicious ad nourishing and soothing they are over the skin. This amazing and redefining ingredient is filled with awesome benefits over the skin which would simply make your elbows smooth, bright and even toned. Apply this cool and nourishing mask on your elbows for quick results!

Banana Honey Mixture

5. Aloe Vera Gel Massage

This one of the awesome ingredients which can work miracles on your rough and dark elbows. Aloe Vera gel is highly preferred to fight the dull, pigmented and dry skin over various elbows. Get some fresh aloe Vera gel and regularly apply this paste on your elbows. You would soon get super smooth and flawless results!

Aloe Vera Gel Massage

6. Tea Tree Oil

This cool essential oil simply makes the skin adorable and enviably soft! For the dry and rough areas like elbows, you must consider this cool remedy. Massage some tea tree oil on your elbows regularly for cool results and smoother skin forever!

Tea Tree Oil

7. Yogurt

Filled with awesome anti bacteria properties and dazzling ingredients, this amazing ingredient would simply work miracles on your skin. Elbows are rigid dark and rough which can make your hands look unpleasing and dull. Apply this amazing ingredient on your elbows to provide nourishment and smoothness to your elbows soon!


8. Baking Soda

Baking soda used to prepare various face masks and to battle skin issues. This cleansing agent makes the skin extremely stunning and charming while retaining lost moisture fairness! Prepare the mask with the baking soda in Luke warm water and let it calm. Now apply this amazing water on your dark elbows before going to bath and before going to bed Regular use of this remedy would give awesome results soon.

Baking Soda

9. Milk Honey Remedy

What can be more nourishing and soothing than milk on the elbows? If you want a glorious, super smooth and stunning ingredient which can make your skin look flawless and refreshing, go for this iconic mask. Milk would retain the lost moisture while honey would add some more softness and calmness to your skin. This would fight the rough and patchy skin in no time! Lead towards a glorious skin using this dazzling and redefining mask!

Milk Honey Remedy

10. Turmeric

Turmeric powder can get as amazing as no other mask! This cool ingredient can work as a scrubbing agent, as a cleanser, as a toner as a rejuvenating agent or as a skin repairing agent. With multiple benefits, this awesome ingredient would simply work miracles on your skin. Mix little turmeric powder and honey and massage this paste on your elbows. This cool remedy would fight pigmentation, dull skin, patchiness and roughness. This would also lead you towards bright, glorious and fantastic skin!


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.