10 Healthy Nutritious Fruits For A Healthy And Glowing Skin

10 Healthy Nutritious Fruits For A Healthy And Glowing Skin

Do you know fruits are most healthy and nutritious food item available in this globe? Yes, it is. Actually fruits are power packed by nature and they came to us in a natural packaging. They are not contaminated with any other impurities of this world and they came to us in the most pure form. If you include fruits in your daily diet it can do a miracle to your skin and overall health. There are several fruits in this world which are full with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are most important for your skin. These fruits help you to maintain healthy and glowing skin in a natural way. So, let’s see which fruits are really beneficial for our skin health.

1. Oranges:

Among all types of citrus fruits Orange is the popular one around this globe. This fruit in low in calories and contains Vitamin near about 70 mg. Vitamin C is important for healthy glowing skin. It is also helpful in skin lightening and removes minor skin infections. So, include Oranges in your diet to get naturally healthy glowing skin.

2. Papaya:

Papaya contains Vitamin A and lots of other healthy nutrients in it that are vital for glowing skin. Vitamin A is required for good skin health and makes your skin shiny if you consume it regularly. This vitamin also removes the skin problems like flaky skin. This superb fruit is rich in Papain which is basically an enzyme and it is a good dead cell.


3. Strawberries:

Strawberries are also rich in vitamin C and other water soluble skin vitamins. Try it in your smoothies or in your fruit salad to eat in a wonderful way. This fruit is also rich in other essential vitamins and minerals to keep your skin glowing. Moreover this fruit is so delicious that you can make dessert with this fruit to consume it in an interesting way.

4. Pomegranates:

Pomegranates are just superb for your skin. This fruit contains lots of anti oxidants in it which helps in removing skin problems like fine lines, wrinkles, premature aging, free radical damage etc. So, try to keep this fruit in your diet for a youthful glowing skin.

5. Mangoes:

Mangoes found in almost every season in this globe. They are rich in vitamins and minerals which keep the proper ph balance of your skin. This fruit is rich in mainly vitamin A and C which helps in keeping a healthy glow on your skin. Ripe mangoes are juicy and so delicious in taste, so, you can easily consume it. Mangoes are also rich in vitamin E which plays an important role to have a healthy glowing skin.


6. Watermelon:

Watermelons are found in almost every season in almost whole world. This fruit is full with water content which helps in keeping your skin hydrated. Moreover this wonderful fruit is rich in minerals which helps in keeping proper ph balance of your skin in a natural way, thus you always get a healthy and glowing skin.


7. Apple:

Apples are rich in vitamins like A, E, C etc. and are power packed with lots of minerals. All this nutrients maintain a healthy glow on your skin and keeps it healthy. You can eat it in your breakfast or can make fruit salad with apples. Both green and red apple are almost same nutritious in properties, eat one of them as per your choice.


8. Indian Gooseberry:

This fruit is mainly power house of vitamin C (approximately 600-1800 mg in per 100 gm of Indian Gooseberry) which helps in absorption of nutrients from foods that you eat and it maintains a healthy glow on your skin. This superb fruit helps in digesting foods, keeps your system good and finally results in healthy skin. This fruit is rich in fiber, phyto chemicals and folic acid which improve skin health in a natural way.

Indian Gooseberry

9. Bananas:

Try to have bananas in your every day breakfast. This fruit is rich in dietary fiber which helps in cleaning your system, contains lots of Potassium and is high in water content. Thus this fruit makes your skin healthy in a natural way and provides a natural healthy glow on it.


10. Pineapple:

Do you eat Pineapple? This fruit is rich in vitamins like A, E, c etc. and it is loaded in lots of minerals in it. This amazing fruit is rich in dietary fiber and it is good for your system too. As this fruit contains lesser calories so you can consume it daily without any worries. The mineral content of this fruit helps in maintaining pH balance of your skin which is very much important for a naturally healthy skin.


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