5 Remedies For Periods

Remedies For Periods

Menstruation cycle is a part of the life of every woman. A regular menstruation cycle reflects the good health of the woman and is very important for maintaining the reproductive health. While many women have their periods at regular intervals, some women suffer from the problem of blocked periods. Their periods are highly irregular and at times, can take even weeks to start, after the onset of menstrual symptoms, like cramps, and soreness of breasts. For these women, relying on drugs is not a healthy way for regulating periods, and they have to look for alternate natural options.

Vitamin C is known for boosting the immune system of human beings. It is a vitamin with multiple benefits, and helps in improving the health of an individual. But, not many people are aware of its role as an inducer of periods in women. Vitamin C can actually help in inducing periods in women and so, help in regulating the menstruation cycle. Sometimes periods may also be delayed due to conception, i.e. pregnancy. In such cases also, large doses of vitamin C can be used to induce periods and abort the embryo.

Role Of Vitamin C In Inducing Periods

1. By Increasing The Estrogen Levels

Vitamin C increases the estrogen levels in women. Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for inducing menstruation. With increased levels of this hormone, uterine contractions start and bleeding commences. It also induces abortion, during early stages of pregnancy, if taken in large dosages.

2. By Reducing The Progesterone Levels

Progesterone is the female hormone, which is important for the development of pregnancy. When an egg is fertilized, progesterone is released in large amounts to carry on with the pregnancy. When you take vitamin C in excess quantity, it reduces the production of progesterone and so the uterus is starved of this hormone. It results in the breaking down of the walls of the uterus and so menstruation starts.

3. How To Take Vitamin C To Induce Periods

You can buy pure form of ascorbic acid from any drug store. Make sure that its pure ascorbic acid, without any added flavonoids or any other such ingredients. You can also take this vitamin through natural herbs and vegetables, like parsley, ginger, pennyroyal, oranges, dong quai etc.

4. Parsley Tea

The most effective source of vitamin C in this condition would be parsley. You can drink parsley tea, two to three times in a day, to get your periods started. You can also drink cranberry juice for the same purpose, as it also contains vitamin C in good quantities. If you are taking vitamin C in tablets and supplement form, then it is better to take just a few tablets daily. A regular dose of 3000mg of this vitamin for three days consecutively can induce your periods. If you increase this dosage to 6000mg daily, then it will be enough to cause abortion, if your periods have stopped due to pregnancy. So, make sure that you are not pregnant and if you are, then make sure that you don’t want a baby.

5. Precautions To Be Taken While Taking Vitamin C

If you are suffering from kidney stones, or any other disorder related to kidney should avoid excess intake of vitamin C. If you are taking other pharmaceutical drugs for inducing periods, then also, you should consult your physician before starting vitamin C.

Also, make sure that you are not pregnant, as excessive intake of vitamin C can also induce early abortion.

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