Useful Home Remedies For Night Cramps

Night CrampsIntense and sudden cramps at night in the foot or leg will wake up one limping out of bed in pain, to desperately massage the cramping region. Such night cramps are usually the result of dehydration caused by either lack of fluid intake or strenuous and sustained exercise periods.

There could also be a possibility of muscle fatigue or mechanical stress over muscles, owing to prolonged periods of standing or walking over hard surfaces. In addition excess intake of alcohol or smoking or electrolyte imbalances can also be the defining cause for such nocturnal or night cramps. Though, dehydration remains the most prime factor that is usually overlooked.

Easy Home Solutions For Curing Night Cramps

Raw Honey And Organic Vinegar

Consume a mixture of one tablespoon of raw honey and 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar prepared in warm water on daily basis and experience relief from night cramps in a week’s time. Apple cider vinegar offers high potassium that is very much needed for those deficient in potassium levels.

Honey and apple cider vinegar


Low potassium is one of the major causes for night cramps. The mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar is beneficial for building up immune system and getting cured for a number of ailments, in addition to night cramps of the legs.

Increase Potassium Levels

For those having night cramps due to low potassium can also boost the mineral levels by eating foods rich in potassium like mushrooms, tomatoes, bananas, apples, spinach, cantaloupe and baked potatoes.

Potassium is essential as then it works in coordination with sodium to maintain fluid balance in the body .These have to be in right proportions to maintain the electrolyte balance and overcome night cramps.

Relaxing Baths

While suffering through night cramps, make use of hot water baths as heat assists in relaxing of muscles and overcoming the night cramps.

Relaxing Baths

At night, keep a hot water bottle at the bed side and use it under the cramping area. It works effectively by offering immediate relief from the night cramps within a few minutes.

Perform Knee Chest Act

At night, the moment night cramps initiate, bring the knee of affected leg close to chest and then grab the foot in upwards position, pulling it towards the chin. Perform it quickly and get surprised by the instant relief from leg cramps.

Stay Hydrated

Staying Hydrated

Keeping yourself fully hydrated and maintaining a good electrolyte balance is the best solution for getting rid of night cramps. Drink vitamin water or Gatorade that contain electrolytes, just before the bed time to revive back the lost salt balance within the body. Perform light and gentle muscle strengthening acts before going to bed to prevent night cramps.

Boost Calcium And Magnesium Levels

Increase intake of foods rich in calcium and magnesium to reduce the symptoms of night cramps. The super food of raw chocolate or raw cocoa is rich in both these minerals.

Additionally, almonds, kale and dark green leafy vegetables also provide high amounts of both magnesium and calcium. Prepare a green smoothie using almond milk as the base and adding raw cocoa and green veggies over it, to get rid of leg cramping at night.


Acupressure can offer relief from night cramps once they have started. Sit down during night cramps, bend the knee of the cramped leg and then bring the up towards the chest.


Ac acupressure point is present at back of the leg, mid way between the knee and heel, at the bottom portion of calf muscle bulge. Press at that point and hold for around a minute or more till the cramp is released. Keep breathing while performing the pressure.



Night cramps in the leg can also be relieved by massaging at the back of the leg, by moving palms gently in upward strokes from heel to the back of the knee. Within a few minutes, cramp gets released and one may be able to sleep properly, if the tense muscles have been relaxed sufficiently.


Make use of staple food of Korea, khimchi to get rid of night cramps of the leg. Eat 2 mouthfuls of khimchi everyday and feel free from all night cramps. Khimchi is hot and spicy to taste, so have it along with eggs, rice, meat, chicken, tofu, fish or any favourite food of yours as part of one meal in the day.

It is normally prepared using cabbage and hot pepper in Korea. It is rich in nutrients that get absorbed easily by the stomach and probably serves the role of relaxing and strengthening leg muscles.

Easing Leg Cramps

At night, just to ease the pain from leg cramps, put a firm pillow (that can hold the leg steadily though the night), just beneath the cramped leg and get relief from the night cramps.

Easing Leg Cramps

It may totally avoid occurrence of leg cramps further as the blood circulation is enhanced at the calf muscle region by elevating the leg.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.