Treating Diabetes With Acupuncture

DiabetesAcupuncture is an effective way to cure diabetes without any drugs. It is achieved through activating definite pressure points in the body, which helps in controlling the symptoms of diabetes by managing various metabolic activities and helps in maintaining the insulin level in the body.

Type II diabetes can be effectively treated through acupuncture.  However, make sure the procedure is performed by professionals. Mentioned below are five important acupressure points for treating diabetes.

Treating Diabetes With Acupuncture

Spleen 6 Pressure Point – Acupoint 5

This acupressure point activates the spleen. This point is positioned in the inner region of the lower legs behind shinbones and just four fingers on top of the anklebones.  Applying mild pressure on this point with slow and steady circular movements in clockwise direction can help cure diabetes. This has to be done for three minutes on both the legs every day.

Spleen 6 Pressure Point

Continue doing this for about twelve weeks to see some results. This pressure point is called spleen-6 pressure point. It strengthens the spleen and improves its functions. It is related to the spleen, kidneys and liver. Hence, it can be used to cure any disorders in these organs.

Stomach 40 pressure Point – Acupoint 6

This acupressure point is effective for many problems down the waist. This is located just one palm width beneath the kneecap on the front side of the leg. It is exactly on the front side of the leg in the depression between the leg muscles and the shinbone.

Applying mild pressure on this point with slow circular clockwise movements will help cure diabetes. This should be followed every day for three minutes for over 8 to 12 weeks of time. This would help to remove or flush the toxins produced in the body. Therefore, it is called the phlegm point. It is more beneficial if used with acupoint 5.

Kidney Point – Acupoint 33

This acupressure point is located on the sides of the foot, in between the Achilles tendon and the anklebone. It is situated behind the inner anklebone. The point is stimulated by applying moderate pressure by pressing it with fingers and clockwise circular movements.

Kidney Point

This has to be done three times in a day for duration of about eight to twelve weeks. Applying pressure on this point improves the immunity of the body and relieves pain and weakness.

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Liver 3 Pressure Point – Acupressure Point 2

This pressure point lies between the big toe of the feet and the second toe along the line of the feet. It is exactly three-finger width away from the edge towards the inner feet. Apply circular, gentle pressure on this point with anti-clockwise movements. This needs to be done at least three to five minutes daily for about 12 weeks for better results.

Liver 3 pressure point

This is the best pressure point to cure diabetes. It unblocks the concealed emotions particularly anger and reduces depression and anxiety. In addition, reduces stress and aids the patient to relax. This pressure point controls diabetes as well as stress. Stress could be a reason for high glucose levels in blood. If you have fatigue and weakness, do not do this.

Acupoint 14

This acupressure point is located in the groove of the elbow in its inner side.  It is in the thumb side of the elbow. Gently apply pressure on this point for three to five minutes every day for about eight to twelve weeks to cure diabetes. Pressing or circular motion can be used to give pressure on this point. This helps to improve the immunity and any persistent infections.

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