Top Herbal Remedies For Plantar Fascia

Plantar FasciaPlantar fascia is a very common type of pain in the heel. This condition causes swelling, irritation, warmth, and the band of tissues known as plantar fascia become red. These tissues connect the metatarsal bones seen beneath the toes with the heel bone. This condition causes pain underneath the feet beside the heel. People who are prone to this condition are obese people, runners, women, who are pregnant and those people, who wear shoes that do not give enough support.

There is another approach to this type of pain. Many people nowadays are trying natural ways to get rid of this condition and they have successfully dealt with this problem.  A few herbal remedies for plantar fasciitis are discussed below.

Herbal Remedies For Plantar Fascia


Arnica is an herb, which is known to be very effectual in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. It is known to stimulate the process of healing by curing the tissues that are inflamed and swollen due to over use or fracture. To use this herb, you need to prepare a soak by diluting arnica tinctures and immerse the feet in it.


This greatly helps in soothing the feet and the ingredients present in arnica penetrate deeply into the feet and relieves the aches and stiffness completely. You can also use arnica by cooling the affected area with an ice pack for about five minutes and then apply arnica oil on the foot two or three times every day to see beneficial results.

Chamomile And Clove Oil

Chamomile is known for its curative properties. To treat plantar fasciitis you just need to soak your feet in chamomile to relieve the bone spur pain.

Clove oil is primarily used to warm up the feet and hands because it helps stimulate the circulation of blood in the body. In order to ease the arthritic pain and relieve muscle pain a foot bath with olive oil is quite effective.



A pungent and spicy root, ginger majorly helps in pain reduction and decreases the inflammation caused in the feet. Ginger can be taken in the form of capsules, or brewed into a tea for oral intake and for external or topical application it can be made into a paste and applied on the affected area. Regular use of ginger proves to be beneficial in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.


Sage is a great herb to get relief from pain in the feet. You can prepare a foot soak using sage and dip your feet into it. To prepare the soak all you need is half a cup of sage leaves.

Add this to a basin of warm water. Sage also helps callus and eliminates irritation, itchiness and also acts as a cleanser and deodorant.


Calendula is also referred to as pot marigold. The leaves and flowers of this herb are known to possess anti-inflammatory qualities. This herb should be applied topically.


There are ointments available in the market, which contains the dry flowers in it. Calendula works effectively on reducing the pain and swelling associated with plantar fasciitis.

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