Top 8 Benefits Of Dry Brushing Your Skin

Pollution is the one thing that keep entering our body from one way or the other. We admit that you don’t get enough time to devote to your skin everyday but once in a while exfoliation of the epidermis of your skin is really important for that parlour glow. It doesn’t require much of your efforts, just the right steps at right time and you are good to go already! You must make it your weekly routine to exfoliate your skin especially during the summer when the oil secretion is at its peak. One of the best ways to exfoliate your skin is by dry brushing. You must brush your teeth, your hair and off course your nails before applying a nail paint for a perfect finish then why not to brush your beautiful skin to make it even more supple and soft! Read the full article to know 8 different benefits of dry brushing your skin that you did not know till now:

1. Targets Large And Small Pores Of Your Skin:

All those scrubs might hurt your sensitive skins and lacks in targeting your open pores and small pores. Although you can steam your face to get rid of these stubborn small pores on your face as well but it is so much time consuming. Dry brush your face with a gentle brush of soft bristles and get rid of open pores and stubborn dead skin cells accumulating over your face.

Targets Large And Small Pores Of Your Skin

2. Makes Your Treatment Even More Effective:

You might be taking a certain treatment for your face. Be it a acne treatment or a treatment to de tan your face, it includes certain products that you need to apply regularly for a certain time frame to see visible effects. Dry brush your face regularly and see even more effective and faster results over your face. Your skin will start absorbing the ointments & treatment gels even more after dry brushing and exfoliation your skin.

Makes Your Treatment Even More Effective

3. Makes Your Skin Even Toned:

You must have observed a certain amount of discolouration over the elevated parts of your face such as your nose and your cheek bones; this is due to the fact that the sun targets the elevated parts of your face first. Dry brushing your skin from time to time helps in making your facial skin even and unitextured.

Makes Your Skin Even Toned

4. Regulates The Lymph Flow:

One of the basic reasons why your skin develops early signs of aging is because of the irregular flow of your lymph nodes. There are various lymph nodes underneath your skin, a proper regulation of flow of which is very necessary in order to maintain a healthy and happy skin. Feel the difference in the texture of your skin by including the habit of dry brushing your face in your weekly routine.

Regulates The Lymph Flow

5. Natural Energy Boost:

Those who have already blessed skin should do dry brushing to their facial skin for this very reason and that is to boost up natural energy in your skin. In those harsh rays of sun, your skin actually suffers a lot & in order to make it up for that, you must dry brush your facial skin every week if not on every alternate day. The instant natural energy boost will reflect in your skin by making it glow all the more.

Natural Energy Boost

6. Removal Of The Dead Skin Cells:

Ladies, just grab a fine and gentle bristled brush and dry brush your skin today to remove all the dead skin cells that accumulates over the upper layer of your skin. Feel the difference immediately and instantly after dry brushing. Removal of the dead skin cells automatically allows the new skin cells to rejuvenate and breathe properly and it is very important for a bright glow over your face. Try it today for a beautiful makeover!

Removal Of The Dead Skin Cells

7. Improves Circulation And Blood Flow:

As told by many dermatologists, it is very important to pamper your skin weekly and taking proper care of your skin can actually make a huge difference in its look. Try dry brushing in a circular motion and improves the blood flow from inside. Regularly dry brushing for a few minutes in a circular motion helps in tightening the pores of your skin.

Improves Circulation And Blood Flow

8. Stress Relief:

All those massage parlours too has the provision of facial dry brushing in order to release the stress of their customer. Similarly, you can try dry brushing at your home itself in order to give yourself a proper relaxation at your home only. Dry brushing is actually a simple process that you can easily do it yourself by sparing a little time for the sake of your happy skin.

Stress Relief

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