7 Incredible Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

7 Incredible Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga popularly known as anti-gravity yoga is a fascinating yoga style which involves a combination of traditional yoga asana, gymnastics, Pilates, aerial acrobatics and dance moves performed suspended in the air by supporting the body utilizing silk fabric.(hammock) It involves total-body workout that allows one to perform different gravity defying that are usually difficult to perform on the ground, but much easier to perform in the mid-air like headstand and handstands. Aerial yoga was first invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison a Broadway choreographer and former gymnast. The hammock suspended from the ceiling few feet above the ground supports 1000lbs and assists alignment, adds variety and excitement to yoga poses.

Here Are The Top 7 Health Benefits Of Aerial Yoga:

1. Total Body Workout

With the weight of the body completely or partially supported, you are forced to move and stretch all the body parts. You can get the benefit of wholesome exercise as it engages all your muscles and that too without the compression of the spine and joint.

Total Body Workout

2. Improves Flexibility

Since aerial yoga by counteracting gravity helps to move each body part more freely without putting lot of effort, it helps to achieve proper alignment and posture. Suspension in the air helps to ease and relax the bones and muscles which make the body more flexible and focused. Each pose involves relaxation rather than effort to get toned and redefine and strengthen your joints and muscles. Stretching and strengthening each muscle, it builds mobility and strength in your body.

Improves Flexibility

3. Relaxing Your Body It Lifts Your Spirits

Aerial yoga is an excellent stress buster due to the great excitement and fun involved in it. It is a kind of mind-body-spirit experience. Releasing mood-busting hormones like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine that reduce stress, aerial yoga not only relaxes the body but also lifts your spirit. It brings peace and harmony in your life. You feel happy and more energetic.

4. Aids In Physical Rehabilitation

Practicing aerial yoga on regular basis can aid in physical of the prime benefit of this yoga practice is decompression of the spine. When you hang freely in the air, it allows your body to relax and spine to lengthen. Since less strain is put on your back while doing yoga exercise, it lessens tension in hip joint and spinal cord. Some people who practice this anti-gravity yoga share that it has helped them relieve their back pain.

5. It Improves Blood Circulation And Detoxifies Your System

Aerial yoga enhances the circulation of blood. Improved blood circulation detoxifies the lymphatic and circulatory system and helps to lower the risk of cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive disease and illness improving your overall health and stamina. While performing yoga the sweat produced by the body brings lot of benefit to body’s regulatory functions and boosts physical and mental health.

6. Best Ever Ab Workout

The stretches and movement you perform off the ground during aerial yoga helps you to engage your core muscles without even realizing. Your core strength improves fast. When you perform yoga poses on the ground to sculpt you abs, it may take more effort.

7. Aids Weight Loss

According to yoga experts, aerial yoga aid in weight loss by challenging you to use all your muscles to complete the poses when you are in the air. This aids in building lean muscle along with burning body fat. In the air you can perform complete yoga poses like surya namaskar and other individual yoga poses to lose weight. The more you practice more calories you will burn during your practice session.

Aerial yoga is a unique yoga style that you need to try not just for getting excitement and fun, but it can give a huge boost to your health and fitness level.

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