Top 7 Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin CVitamin C is a very important vitamin that is needed by the body as it does a commendable job in forming the proteins that give proper structure to the cartilage, the blood vessels, the muscles and the bones. Vitamin C is also found to absorb the excess iron taken in by the body and transforms it into energy that can be used by the body in doing something useful.

There are thousands of people who suffer from the deficiency of vitamin C, which is not good for their health because vitamin C deficiency can give way to a number of problems that may spring up in the body. Therefore, it is very important to have a clear idea about the vitamin c deficiency symptoms so that people who feel such symptoms might immediately take the positive measures. The symptoms are as under:

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms 


People with vitamin C deficiency are said to suffer from reduced energy in the body at the initial stages that is commonly named fatigue. Such people tend to get tired very easily and are not able to carry out activities that require a lot of effort to be put in on the part of an individual.


Fatigue can be very dangerous for the health of an individual and chronic fatigue might also cause several diseases that can lead to several worse conditions of the body.

Mood Changes

Immediate mood changes are very common with people suffering from vitamin C deficiency. Such people get irritated very fast, are impatient and at the same time they are very short tempered.

Mood Changes

This all happens mainly because of the deficiency that people suffer from and this is something that is very tough to be kept under control.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Since vitamin c is very important for the body, its deficiency can also cause weight loss that might result in some serious problems for the health of an individual. Wasting conditions prevail in people suffering from vitamin C deficiency that ultimately leads to weight loss.

Dental Conditions 

It is absolutely obvious that vitamin C helps in the growth and development of the bones, the teeth and the gums and on the contrary deficiency of vitamin C may result in damage of the gums leading to various kinds of periodontal problems. Such an infection is mainly known as scurvy which is a very frightening condition.

Muscle And Joint Aches

Muscle Aches

Chronic pain in the muscles, the limbs and the joints are very common I people suffering from vitamin C deficiency. Such pains occur mainly because of the insufficiency of the required nutrients by the body.


People suffering from vitamin C deficiency also tend to bruise very easily and this is a sign which focuses on the point that the chemistry of the body requires some kind of improvement.

Dry Skin And Hair

Huge changes also take place in the condition of the hair and the skin which points out the fact that the body is not getting the required quantity of vitamin C essential for the growth and the good condition of the skin and the hair.

Dry Skin

These are some of the well known vitamin C deficiency symptoms that have to be kept in mind and worked upon if observed.

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