Top 7 Effective Foods To Soothe A Sore Throat

Effective Foods To Soothe A Sore Throat

Dealing with a sore throat is not at all an easy task. Usually sore throat occurs because of the infection by bacteria. Sore throat is a typically caused by inflammation due to cold or other virus. Sore throat often associated with fever. Usually, when one suffers from sore throat eating is the least importance the person gives attention for. But consuming the foods which are rich in nutrients can help you a speedy recovery from sore throat. Here we are sharing the top 7 foods that help you to relieve from sore throat. These foods if taken as prescribed will help you to get rid of sore throat fast.

Here Are The Top 7 Effective Foods To Soothe A Sore Throat:


Banana is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamin c. Vitamin c improves immune system. This fruit is also rich source of vitamin B6 and minerals. The bananas are usually squashy in nature which enables one to swallow easily. Hence, consumption of banana is definitely a better option to be considered when you are suffering from sore throat.

Selecting the banana


Garlic is rich in antibiotics which fight with viruses and bacteria. A person with sore throat can chew few cloves of garlic. Garlic consists of a powerful antibacterial called Allicin. This antibacterial is present only before crushing and prior to heating the garlic. So, raw garlic is recommended to eat at regular intervals until the problem is solved.


Ginger Tea:

Ginger is considered as a universal medicine. Ginger tea is one of the fantastic ways that relieves you from sore throat and makes you feel better. Ginger is an antifungal and antibacterial which fights with the sore throat. Ginger is rich in medicinal values. Hence, consumption of ginger tea is one of the ways to get rid of sore throat.

Ginger Tea

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is one of the best foods that lessen the severity of sore throat. Lemon which is rich in citrus acid helps to get rid of infection of sore throat as we know vitamin c improves the immune system. A lemon is rich source of Vitamin c and hence it is a natural antiseptic which destroys viruses and bacteria at throat. This yellow fruit consists of sufficient nutrients and vitamins.

Lemon Juice

Egg Whites:

Egg whites are among those that help to treat sore throat. Egg whites are rich in proteins. Egg whites are one of the best foods that help to fight against sore throat. These are easy to get digested. Egg whites help in managing with the irritation of sore throat. So, egg whites help in eliminating sore throat. Hence experts suggest egg whites as one of the best foods.

Egg White


Eating boiled carrots at the time of sore throat is a best treatment. Carrots are rich in vitamins such as vitamin k, vitamin c, vitamin a, potassium and fiber. Eating boiled carrots are recommended by the experts when you are suffering from sore throat. Sore throat is very painful. So, in order to cope with the pain, one must consume only boiled carrot. As raw carrot worsens the pain in the throat, consume only boiled carrots.


Vegetable Soup:

Sore throat is a very painful condition. It is caused by virus or bacteria which irritate mucus membranes at throat. In order to cope up with sore throat you can prefer hot soup. You can make the nutritious rich soup by adding various kinds of vegetables.

Mixed Vegetable Soup

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