Top 6 Eye Exercises For Myopia

MyopiaDid you know that looking at your computer screen for long hours can actually cause myopia? More than 70 million people worldwide suffer from this ailment. A person who suffers from myopia is unable to see distant objects. This is because an image of a distant object gets formed before the retina rather than on it.

Myopia occurs on account of poor lifestyle habits like long hours of reading, watching T.V., playing on your iPad or mobile phones et cetera. It can also be hereditary in some people. Check out these eye exercises that will go a long way in improving vision and reducing eye strain in myopia sufferers.

Best Eye Exercises For Myopia

Eyeball Rotation

Start your day with this exercise. Rotate your eyeballs in clockwise direction followed by rotation in anti clockwise direction. Blink twice before changing the direction.

Eyeball Rotation

Repeat this 5 times each in both directions. Follow up by moving your eyes up and down five times. Eyeball rotation can be performed at different times during the day or whenever you feel that your eyes are tired or strained.

Light Detection

Sit in front of a table lamp or any other lamp. Maintain enough distance so as not to strain your eyes. Close your eyes. Now move your head slowly from left to right. Feel the intensity of light diminishing and then increasing, keeping your eyes closed. Repeat this five times.

Pencil Viewing

Hold a pencil in your right hand at an arm’s length. Now concentrate on the pencil and nothing else. Bring it closer, keeping your eyes focused on it.

Pencil Viewing

Then slowly, take the pencil farther away, looking at it at the same time. Repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times at three regular intervals daily.

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Write With Your Eyes

Look at the wall. Now move your eyeballs without moving your head, pretending to write alphabets on the wall. Start off with alphabets in small size followed by bigger sized ones. This is a fun way to exercise your eyes.

Eye With Finger Exercise

Stand near a wall of a large room. Keep your back straight and knees slightly bent. Make sure there is a picture or a poster on the wall opposite you. Hold your index finger a little above your nose. Focus on the tip of your index finger. Then suddenly look at the picture on the wall.

Focus On Object

Then take a step backwards. With every attempt make sure that you move farther away from the wall. Doing this exercise regularly improves the clarity of vision even if the image or object is at a great distance.

Wall Focus

Look at a small photo frame or a picture hanging on the wall. Now slowly move your head from left to right. Make sure that you do not shift your gaze while moving your head.Keep focusing on the picture that is hung on the wall. Repeat 5 times.

All the above mentioned exercises are highly beneficial for people suffering from myopia. However, in addition to regular eye exercise, you must also visit an opthamologist for regular eye checkups.

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