Top 5 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

Healthy eating habits are essential to lead a healthy life. Having a healthy breakfast is essential to jumpstart your day. A good dose of protein in your breakfast is essential for satisfying your appetite and this can make you eat healthy food all day long. However, many people prefer taking protein supplement powders and proteins shakes. But we have many natural protein-rich foods and by using them we can prepare amazing high protein breakfast recipes that are highly nutritious and delectable. Also, having a protein-rich breakfast will let you consume less food at lunch which can thereby reduce obesity.

Here Are Top 5 High Protein Breakfast Ideas:

Oatmeal With Apple:

Prefer water instead of skim milk while preparing your oatmeal for the breakfast. Sprinkle some chopped nuts which can let you remain full for a longer time. Add lots of apple chunks to it for an added taste and get 24 grams of protein on eating it.

Oatmeal with Apple

Baked Egg With Avocado:

This breakfast recipe is packed with rich amounts of omega 3s, protein, and healthy fats. Having this breakfast food will provide lots of energy till lunch. Hence, start your day by cracking an egg in the half part of the avocado and bake it. Add little pepper on it for an added flavor.

Baked egg with avocado

Smoothie Using Milk Or Yogurt:

Milk and yogurt are rich in protein. Prepare your favorite smoothie using milk or yogurt to reap the best protein content out of it. Add lots of berry fruits to it or any fruit of your choice to make your breakfast more nutritious and get at least 8 grams of protein from it.

Yogurt Smoothie

Egg Tortilla:

This is not a kind of carb-rich tortilla. Adding beans to your tortilla gives you the much need boost to kick start your day. Fill a tortilla adding corn, black beans, sautéed onions, scrambled eggs. This protein-rich breakfast is extremely nutritious with 25 grams of protein.

Egg tortilla

Toast And Nut Butter:

This is an easiest and simplest breakfast idea when you are in a rush. Add almond butter, peanut butter or any nut butter of your choice on your toast. This breakfast food is palatable and contains around 8 grams of protein. However, avoid using processed nut butter as it contains preservatives and lot of sugar.

Toast and nut butter

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