15 Magnificent Health Benefits Of Quail Eggs

Benefits Of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs which have been used since long in China, Japan and Egypt are known for their therapeutic uses. The best part is that these eggs can be eaten raw as quail has a higher body temperature as compared to chicken and hence salmonella cannot attack it. They have more nutritive value that chicken .Quail eggs have more bacteria killer lysozyme which makes it germ resistant.

The Health Benefits Of This Wonder Food Are Mentioned Below:

1. Good Blood Cleansers

Quail eggs are very useful in blood purification as they help remove toxins and heavy metals from the blood.

Good Blood Cleansers

2. Useful Against Stones In The Body

Quail eggs are found to be very useful in elimination liver stones, kidney stones and bladder stones.

Useful Against Stones In The Body

3. Prevents Anemia

Quail eggs provide more iron as compared to chicken eggs. Iron deficiency leads to anemia. Hence quail eggs help prevent anemia.

Prevents Anemia

4. Good For The Digestive System

Quail eggs are very good for the digestive system. They are alkaline in nature and hence help prevent stomach ulcers and also help cure gastritis.

Good For The Digestive System

5. Useful Against Skin Infections

Quail eggs contain lysozyme which helps fight inflammations and infections and therefore quail eggs are very useful in treating infections like psoriasis and eczema.

Useful Against Skin Infections

6. Useful Against Cancer

Quail eggs contain compounds which help prevent the growth of cancerous cells and hence they are useful to fight cancer.

Useful Against Cancer

7. Help Improve Sexual Potency In Men

Quail eggs have beneficial effects on the prostate gland and improve sexual potency in men and improve sex drive.

8. Good For The Bones

Quail eggs contain vitamin D which is essential for the absorption of calcium which in turn is required for health bones. They help prevent osteoporosis. Hence quail eggs are good for the bones.

Good For The Bones

9. Boost The Immunity Of The Body

Quail eggs are known to improve the metabolism and boost the immune power of the body. Consuming raw quail eggs helps improve immunity much more as compared to cooked quail eggs.

Boost The Immunity Of The Body

10. Good For The Brain

Quail eggs have a positive impact on the brain and the nervous system and help improve memory and intellect of the person.

Good For The Brain

11. Helps Faster Recuperation After A Stroke

Quail eggs are useful in speeding up healing and recovery after a stroke and they also help in making the heart muscle stronger.

Helps Faster Recuperation After A Stroke

12. Good For The Eyes

Quail eggs are rich in antioxidants and hence they help prevent degeneration of eyes and blindness in elderly patients.

Good For The Eyes

13. Good For The Hair

The protein, sulfur and vitamins in quail eggs help in making the hair follicles stronger thus giving long and thick hair.

Good For The Hair

14. Good For The Nails

Quail eggs are god for the nails as they have proteins and fatty acids. Hence they provide strength to the cuticles and the nails and prevent them from breaking and from being brittle.

Good For The Nails

15. Good For The Skin

Quail eggs protect the skin against acne and blemishes. They help in tightening the skin and also improve skin complexion. The antioxidants in quail eggs prevent premature ageing of skin.

Good For The Skin

So give chicken eggs a break and enjoy quail eggs which are more nutritious and healthy as compared to chicken eggs.

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