Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Rectal Cancer

Rectal Cancer

The rectum is a part of the digestive system. The main function of the rectum is to store a stool so that it can be eliminated from the body. Rectal cancer is a disease in which cancerous or malignant cells develop in the tissues of the rectum.

The possible risk factors of rectal cancer include old age, hereditary conditions, having a personal history of polyps, colorectal cancer, ovarian, endometrial or breast cancer, etc. The symptoms of rectal cancer include changes in bowel habits, constipation, and diarrhea, blood in stool, abdominal discomfort, and change in appetite, weight loss, and tiredness and so on.

With a host of medical treatments and drugs available, rectal cancer can also be treated to a considerable extent with the help of herbal remedies that are natural and safe. Let us take a look at some of the best herbal remedies that are meant to treat rectal cancer!

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Rectal Cancer


Curcumin is an extract from the turmeric root that is proven to be beneficial in cases. This supplement is not capable of being absorbed in the blood stream as a result of which it remains in the gut. It is rich in anti inflammatory and anti tumor properties and so it can be effective in fighting the cancer cells present in the rectum and its surrounding areas.


It is suggested that before going for any kind of herbal remedies you better consult your doctor. It should however, be noted that chemotherapy and medical drugs are very vital in the treatment of rectal cancer and should never be avoided if it is the need of the hour.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom is gaining popularity all over the world owing to the wide variety of health benefits that it is power packed with. It has been proved that Reishi mushroom can be used to treat many ailments.

Reishi Mushroom

Recent research has also concluded that the extract of the Reishi mushroom can be consumed to get rid of rectal cancer. Many herbalists also recommend the consumption of the Reishi mushroom supplements in order to fight the malignant cells in the body.


According to various recent studies, it has been found out that onions contain a very vital antioxidant which is called quercetin.


This quercetin is very efficient in reducing the size as well as the number of malignant cells present in the rectum. In fact, this element has had significant positive effects in patients who suffered from rectal cancer due to genetic factors or hereditary reasons.


Chickweed is another herb that is highly beneficial in preventing and fighting rectal cancer.


It has great anti-inflammatory properties and relieves the rectum from all kinds of inflammation. It also gives a boost to the immune system of the body which is very essential to speed up the healing process.

Parsley, Basil And Oregano

Parsley, basil and oregano are also very good herbs that contain important phytochemicals like quercetin.


Quercetin helps you prevent the development of cancer cells, slow down tumor growth, purify the blood and strengthen the immune system. Thus, you can take these herbs on the regular basis to get the better result.

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