Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Prostate Cancer

Prostate CancerAmong the most over-treated cancers is the prostate cancer. By the age of 50, 40 percent among all men develop an enlarged prostate and most likely they won’t be familiar with it. The three ordinary disorders are prostate cancer, inflammatory infection and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlarging of prostate. BPH is common among aging males and a lot of physicians consider it a usual aging outcome.

By the age of 80 the figures of prostate cancer double up to 80 percent among men. Being left untreated, prostate problems can increasingly develop worse and can turn more painful leading to dangerous complications. Besides medical treatment one can be relieved from prostate discomforts through making essential changes in diet and other habits. Various remedies exist that can beneficially help in prostate problems.

Herbal Remedies For Prostate Cancer

Pumpkin Seeds Remedy

German doctors use pumpkin seeds for treatment of trouble in urination accompanied by an engorged prostate which isn’t cancerous.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds include a lot of zinc and other diuretic properties, helpful in quick repair and growth of the immune system. Pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed tastefully by eating them in plain state. Before eating don’t add salt and make sure to remove shells.

Relief By Watermelon Seeds

Tea prepared through watermelon seeds is also useful for cleaning out the system, additionally helping in various bladder and prostate troubles.

Watermelon Seeds

Eat the watermelon and then in a cup spit out the seeds. After getting 1/8 cup fresh watermelon seeds, put these in 1-pint of jar and then add boiling water. Wait till the tea cools and then stain and drink. For ten days drink one pint of tea daily.

Corn Silk Advantages

For generations Amish men used the silk from corn for curing the symptoms of prostate enlargement. From 6 ears of corn, take out all the silk.

Corn Silk

(Silk can also be dried for later use) With the silk put 1 quart of water and bring it to boil, now simmer it for ten minutes. Wait till the syrup becomes cold and then drink the mixture. Drink 3 cups in a week.

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Cure Through Ginger

The results obtained through an American study were published by The British Journal of Nutrition showing that the ginger extract easily terminated prostate cells while healthy prostate cells remained unaffected. The results came out through a daily dose of 100 mg ginger extract per one kg of bodyweight (tested on a man weighing 150 pounds, equaling somewhere around 550 mg extract daily).


Within 8 weeks, the prostate tumor growth was reduced to half through the ginger extract. Researchers claim, consuming 100 grams of fresh ginger on a daily basis will grant same results.

Importance Of Flaxseeds

Regular intake of flaxseeds is another measure that can be taken by prostate cancer patients. This is a small size brown colored seed containing essential omega-3 fatty acids and a fiber compound known as lignans.


Both these elements prove to be effectual through their protective effects. Various studies conclude that flaxseeds, when included as a portion of low-fat diet can slow down the progression of prostate cancer.

Besides this one needs to take extreme care of his diet by including essential proteins, vitamins and minerals, it is wise to consult a physician in case of regular symptoms.

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