5 Amazing Home Remedies For Prostate Cancer

Prostate CancerProstate problems have become quite common for men older than 60. Most of these people suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. However, these two are not fatal, while the other common prostate ailment, prostate cancer, is fatal if not diagnosed and treated early.

Symptoms of prostate cancer can be an urgency to urinate accompanied by difficulty in urination, passing more urine at night, pain with urination and sometimes blood or semen with urination. Prostate is a very small structure located just below the urinary bladder surrounding the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the genital organ. It starts in puberty and continues to grow.

When it becomes cancerous it starts to impinge on the urethra and that causes the symptoms. Traditional approach to treating prostate cancer is radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. But neither of these can assure a total cure. You can apply some remedies at home in addition to prescribed ones. These may help the traditional ones to work effectively. Let us look at some of the home remedies for prostate cancer.

Home Remedies For Prostate Cancer


It has been seen that if you have adequate level of selenium in the body the risk of developing prostate cancer comes down dramatically. You can get a lot of selenium in brazil nuts, salmon and sardine fish, meat, egg, mushroom etc. So incorporate these foods in your daily consumables and reduce the intensity of prostate cancer.



This astringent vegetable contains lycopene, an enzyme, that has the ability to fight cancer. For this reason it is being studied throughout the world for its effect on cancer. So, take raw tomato regularly to fight prostate cancer.

Vitamin D

The effect of vitamin D on prostate cancer has been studied scientifically. It has been seen that those with the right quantity of vitamin D in the body are much less likely to get prostate cancer and even if they do get the severity will be less. You can get the most vitamin D through sunshine. There are foods that are rich in vitamin D too such as milk, salmon fish, egg etc. So enjoy sunshine and eat all these foods to fight cancer with vitamin D.

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Baking Soda

It has been seen baking soda can reduce the severity of prostate cancer. It has been observed that cancer cannot progress in highly alkaline environment.

baking soda

This can be done very well by baking soda. Moreover, it has been seen that baking soda can protect your vital organs from the harmful dosages of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. So, drink a glass of water with a pinch of baking soda and reduce the severity of prostate cancer.


Soy bean or other soy products have the capacity to lower the level of testosterone the male hormone. As testosterone is supposed to be an aggravating factor for prostate cancer, a reduction in its level will lessen the growth of the disease. In this respect soy is very beneficial. So take any soy preparation on a regular basis. This will fight the dreaded disease.

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