Top 15 Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon is a healthy spice commonly used for cooking food. Its oil is a herbal remedy for many health problems. It has medicinal properties and Ayurvedic doctors use the cinnamon oil for treating diseases. The oil is not suitable for everyone. Some people develop allergy and irritation due to the use of this oil. So it should be used very carefully. However, for most of us cinnamon oil can prove to be very beneficial. Some types of cinnamon oils are consumed internally while some oils are applied externally on the skin. The oil is very strong so use it after mixing it with some other oil in a diluted form. The oil is extracted from the cinnamon bark. Some types of oils are extracted from cinnamon leaves. We will explain the benefits of this oil.

Following Are The Top 15 Benefits And Uses Of Cinnamon Essential Oil:

Treats Constipation

Constipation is a common problem that is treated by using the cinnamon oil. The oil helps in easy passage of bowels thus solving the problem of constipation.


Fights Pain

The problem of joint pain can be treated by using cinnamon oil. It helps in removing inflammation and stiffness in muscles. The oil is useful for reducing pain caused by headache and arthritis.

Release Body Pain

Treats Stomach Problems

Cinnamon oil treats stomach problems like indigestion, gas and bloating. This is due to the carminative properties of the oil that helps in treating stomach disorders.

Good for Stomach

Good For Facial Skin

Bacterial infection in face is treated by using facial scrub that contains cinnamon leaf oil. Make a face scrub by adding cinnamon powder with orange juice. To this liquid, you should add olive oil and cinnamon leaf oil. Apply on face. Wash face after some time. The skin will become healthy.


Treats Circulation Problems

People who have poor blood circulation can benefit by using cinnamon oil. The oil increases blood circulation in the body thus solving the problem of poor circulation.

Boost Blood Circulation

Fights Diabetes

Cinnamon oil helps in decreasing blood sugar levels, which helps in treating diabetes. Thus, the oil is useful for diabetic patients.


Kills Foot Fungal Infections

Fungal infections in feet are treated by using cinnamon oil. Mix the oil with hot water. Fill the water in bucket and dip feet in it. It will kill foot fungal infection.

Fungal Infections

Treats Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are effectively treated with cinnamon oil. For this, you need to use the oil as aromatherapy treatment. It will make the lungs healthy.

Improves Respiration

Fights Low Blood Pressure

The problem of low blood pressure can be solved by using the cinnamon oil. The oil has important ingredients that help in treating symptoms of low blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

Treats Infectious Diseases

Cinnamon oil has antiseptic properties. So it is used for fighting infections caused by bacteria and fungus. Thus, the oil protects you from infectious diseases.

Toe Fungus

Treats Sore Throat

The problem of sore throat and other types of throat problems can be treated by using cinnamon oil. Consume the oil after mixing it with hot water. You can also consume it with tea.

Sore Throat

Kills Intestinal Worms

Many people suffer from the problem of worms in stomach. The cinnamon oil helps in killing intestinal worms. This is due to the antihelminthic properties of cinnamon oil.

Gastrointestinal Tract Malfunctioning

Improves Oral Health

Cinnamon oil is very good for oral health. Mix the oil with toothpaste and brush teeth with it. It will make the teeth healthy and disease free.

Good For Oral Health

Healthy Brain 

Brain health can be improved by consuming cinnamon oil. It makes the brain and nervous system healthy. The oil helps in controlling problems caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Treats Alzheimer

Kills Head Lice

Cinnamon leaf oil kills the head lice. Mix the oil with shampoo and use this shampoo for washing the hair. It will finish the lice. Use chemical free shampoo for this remedy.

Head Lice

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