Top 11 Superfoods That Help Boost Fertility

Superfoods That Help Boost Fertility

Most of us think that fertility treatments include sophisticated diagnostic testing, high-tech procedures, and powerful medications. However, including certain foods to your diet is a great way to boost your fertility. Including such foods in your diet can help in regulating the hormones, improving her health, thus increasing the chances of getting pregnant. So, you need to choose the right kinds of superfoods that boost your fertility and even help prevent miscarriage.

Below Is The List Of The Top 11 Superfoods That Help In Boosting The Fertility:

Whole Milk:

Few studies have mentioned that women who drink skim milk have had few issues in getting pregnant. Hence, it is suggested to prefer whole milk as it contains a healthy dose of calcium helpful in boosting your bone as well as reproductive health. You can get a healthy dose of calcium from whole milk which can improve the chances of getting pregnant.



Banana is a great source of potassium and contains vitamin B6 which is helpful in regulating the hormones responsible for boosting your fertility. Also, vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to an irregular menstrual cycle which can lead to poor sperm and egg development. Include this superfood in your diet to boost your fertility levels.



Shellfish contain a healthy dose of vitamin B12. Few studies have mentioned that vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with abnormal estrogen levels which might interfere with the implantation of a fertilized egg. Consuming vitamin B12-rich foods such as shellfish can help in strengthening the lining of the endometrium in egg fertilization, thus reducing the chances of miscarriage.



Almonds are a great source of vitamin E which can help in boosting the sperm health. Few animal studies have revealed that deficiency of vitamin E is associated with infertility in the female rats. Also, vitamin E contains an antioxidant which helps in protecting the egg and sperm DNA. Consuming a handful of almonds is a great way to improve your fertility rate.

Almonds (2)


Asparagus is a great source of folic acid. Few research studies have mentioned that consuming foods rich in folic acid such as asparagus can help in reducing the risks of ovulatory failure. Also, doctors often recommend consuming foods high in folic acid to conceive faster.



Eggs are a loaded with protein and vitamin D. Few studies conducted by Yale University have revealed that infertile women had vitamin D deficiency. Also, eggs contain carotenoids and antioxidants that help in improving the fertility in women. Also, eggs contain folate, vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients that helped in lowering the possibility of having birth defects in infants.

Eggs (2)


Tofu contains healthy amounts of iron. According to few studies, women who don’t intake foods rich in iron might suffer from fertility problems such as lack of ovulation and poor egg health. This can even inhibit the pregnancy rate by around 60% higher than those women who had sufficient amounts of iron in their blood.



Peas contain good amounts of zinc. Few studies have revealed that increasing the intake of zinc helps in boosting the sperm levels and improving the quality of the sperm, thus boosting the fertility rate in men. Also, an increase in the levels of zinc can improve the estrogen and progesterone hormones in women which can help improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Peanut butter

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits are a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C. A study conducted on a group of men has revealed that people who were given 1000mg of vitamin C two times every day had an improvement in their sperm count as well as motility. Also, women who consume citrus fruits can get plenty of vitamin C, a vitamin that helps improve hormonal balance in women.

Citrus Fruits


Salmon is an excellent source of omega 3s and nutrients including the trace mineral selenium. This trace mineral plays a vital role in producing the antioxidants that protect the eggs and sperm from the damage caused by the free radicals. Also, selenium helps protect from the chromosome breakage which is responsible for miscarriage and birth defects in infants. Few studies have also mentioned that selenium makes the sperm more fertile.



Broccoli is a vitamin-C-rich food that helps boost the fertility rate and hence it is a must include in your diet if you are planning to conceive. Also, Vitamin C helps in protecting the sperm from any DNA damage and improves its quality. It helps reduce the chromosomal damage and also reduces the risks of miscarriage. It contains several other nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium etc. that are important for women who are planning to conceive.

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