Top 10 Exercises For Squint Eyes

Squint is also called as strabismus or lazy eye. In this condition eye may turn in any direction; inwards,outwards,upward or downward. Squint eyes can lead to double vision or blurred vision which is very irritating symptom. Squint eye are very common in young children, though squint can develop in adult also. In younger children brain tries to ignore signal from the lazy eye, in adult this may be a problem.Squinted eyes can be detrimental to confidence of the person and person may become conscious of their appearance. Certain eye exercises may help eyes to work together properly.

Below Are The Top 10 Exercises For Squint Eyes:

1. The Swing

For child of 2 years or younger having squint, this exercise can be done. Hold the child in arms and sway side to side. For child who is capable of walking, hold by hand and sway side by side. Repeat several times. Swaying to the tune of music can help child enjoy the exercise as well.


2. Cross Eye Exercise

Try to see bridge of the nose with both eyes at once. In this exercise one looks cross eyed. This exercise should be done only 2-4 times. Vary the distance by shifting attention to 2-6 inches from the eyes. It helps in strengthening muscles and improve muscular coordination.


3. Palming

Palming can help to eliminate tendency of our eyes to squint. It is basically a relaxation technique. Simply palm or cup your eyelids with soft and relaxed hands and allow them to relax. Open your eyes slowly afterwards and notice relaxed sensation.


4. Colored Yarn Exercise

This exercise could be beneficial for young kids. Tell them the names of different colors. Now place various colored yarns near them. Call out the names of color one by one and encourage child to pick up that color. This exercise promotes the use of eyesight.


 5. Pencil Push-Ups

Hold a pencil at remote distance from eye where images are fused. Bring pencil closer towards the eyes until image breaks. Repeat 15-20 times for 2-3 times a day.


6. Balancing Swing Exercise

Stand with both of your arms extended at shoulder level with feet apart. Turn your face opposite to the side where eye diverges. If your left eyes turn in then turn your head to left. Raise your left arm to the ceiling and left arm to the floor. Straighten your body and now raise your right arm keeping the left arm down. Repeat this 6 to 8 times. The point of whole exercise is to let eyes track the movement.


 7. Long Body Swing Exercise

Stand with your feet apart. Now swing from one foot to other shifting weight in an easy going motion. Let your arms swing loosely with your body. Count rhythmically with swinging as it allows relaxation important for good vision. Count till hundred while swinging.


8. Mirror Exercise

Look in the mirror while covering your good eye. Look in the mirror trying to look straight from your lazy eye. Do it for several times and them palm the eyes for 30 seconds to allow relaxation. Then try to look at the bridge of the nose, you will see both eyes.


9. Variation In Mirror Exercise

In addition to exercise mentioned above, try swinging your hips in circular motion while looking in the mirror. It helps to get more circulation movement to the eyes.


10. Patching

Cover good eye with patch and try doing household chores like making bed or washing dishes. These activities require good hand eye-coordination and hence can be beneficial exercises in lazy eye treatment.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.