7 Best Equipment-Free Workouts For Weight Loss

Obesity is a serious health problem that increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and other problems. Taking fatty foods in large amounts along with a sedentary lifestyle makes a person fatty. Overweight people suffer from many problems in their life. Very high levels of fat deposits in the body spoil the body shape affecting beauty and personality in a negative way.

Regular exercise and physical activities are the best ways to fight obesity. Many people use equipment at home and gym to do exercises. You can do workouts without equipment also. We will suggest some exercises for obesity that you can do without equipment.

Following Are The 7 Best Equipment Free Workouts For Weight Loss:

1. Scissors Abs Exercise

Scissors abs exercise helps in toning the muscles of the core region. For this, lie down on the floor or bed on the back. Place the hands at the side of the body. Lift both legs upwards towards the top of the room. Take one leg downwards till it is slightly above the floor. Do a scissor movement with the legs. Lift the opposite leg upwards. Repeat several times.

Scissors Abs Exercise

2. Prisoner Squats Exercise

Do prisoner squats for losing weight in an easy way without any equipment. For this, you should stand straight keeping some gap between the two legs. Place the hands at the backside of the head. Do a squatting movement by lowering the body down towards the floor. Hold and return to the starting position by standing up. Do this movement thirty times.

Prisoner Squats Exercise

3. Walking Squats

Just as do squats exercise explained above, you can combine the squatting with walking to make it more effective. For this, you should lower the body towards the floor in a squatting position. Start walking in front of you with small steps. Thus, you are walking while maintaining the squat. Do this for one minute. Repeat several times.

Walking Squats

4. Jack In And Out Exercise

Jack in and out is another good exercise for weight loss. To do this, stand straight with some gap between the two legs. Do a squatting movement by lowering the body down towards the floor. Stop and take the arms towards the side. Return to the starting position by taking the body upwards but you should clap both hands above the head on top. Repeat the movement twenty times.

Jack In And Out Exercise

5. Push Up Exercise

Push-ups is an exercise done without equipment and it helps in toning the muscles of the upper body. For this, lie down on the floor or bed on the stomach. Maintain a plank position by lifting the body slightly upwards. Keep the hands flat on the floor. Take the body downwards and place both hands on the side of the body. Lift the body upward to do push up movement and come down again. Repeat this several times.

Push Up Exercise

6. Step-Ups Exercise

Step-ups are an easy exercise for weight loss. For this, you will need to stand in front of a bench, stepper machine or artificial steps. Do a stepping movement by climbing up on the bench or steps just as you climb steps on stairs. Come back down to the starting position on the floor. Repeat several times.

Step-Ups Exercise

7. Sit Ups Exercise

Sit ups is an easy equipment free exercise for the stomach muscles. For this, you should lie down on the back on the bed or floor. Fold the legs from the knee. Keep both feet together on the floor. Hold the backside of the head with hands. Lift the upper body above the waist just as you are sitting on the floor. Hold, take in a deep breath and take the body down in a starting position. Do this movement fifteen minutes.

Sit Ups Exercise

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