Tips On How To Prevent Stroke

StrokeStroke is a very serious ailment from which many people suffer round the globe. It generally occurs when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly hindered or when the blood vessel of the brain suddenly bursts. It is a very serious disorder that can affect both males and females. 

Some common symptoms of strokes are sudden numbness, weakness, paralysis, distorted speech, blurred vision and severe headache. Strokes can be very deadly and fatal so it is important to take effective preventive measures beforehand. It is very important to follow a healthy diet, manage stress levels and keep blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol in check so that stroke can be prevented to a great extent. Below are a few very effective ways to prevent stroke successfully.

Ways To Prevent Stroke

Exercise Regularly

It is very important to exercise regularly and reduce your excess weight in order to prevent stroke. Researches show that people with high levels of physical activity have lesser chances of having stroke. Regular exercise reduces blood pressure and makes the heart stronger as less effort is required in order to pump blood around the body.


Regular exercise also decreases the risk of developing diabetes and high cholesterol which are major contributors of stroke. Practice jogging, swimming, walking, cycling and free hand exercises regularly in order to remain healthy and prevent stroke successfully.

Drink Tea

Simple black tea or green tea daily prevents stroke to a great extent. You can drink 3 – 4 cups of black tea or green tea daily in order to prevent strokes. Hot cup of tea acts as nerve soothers and keeps your blood pressure under control. If the blood pressure is under control then the chances of getting a stroke reduces to a great extent.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker then it is very important to quit smoking in order to prevent strokes. Smoking everyday increases hypertensions which often lead to stroke. Also the nicotine and carbon monoxide damage the cardiovascular system which increases the chances of stroke. Quit smoking immediately in order to prevent stroke and lead a healthy life.

Few Effective Ways About How To Prevent Strokes
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Maintain Healthy Diet

It is important to maintain a healthy diet in order to prevent stroke successfully. Include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish protein in your diet. Eat oranges and other citrus fruits as it reduces the chances of stroke to a great extent. Avoid oily and fried food and keep your body weight under constant check as obesity due to unhealthy diet is one of the root causes for stroke. Avoid processed foods and keep your cholesterol levels normal by eating a healthy diet to prevent stroke.

Reduce Stress

It is very important to lead a stress free and a relaxed life in order to prevent stroke successfully. Practice various activities like meditation, listening to music, attending religious services or take up a good hobby as these reduces stress and relaxes your mind and body to a great extent.


Many people think that watching TV relaxes your mind but it is actually not true as too much TV actually aggravates stress. Also, try and avoid situations and people who make you anxious, angry and excited. If you can lead a stress free life then you can prevent stress to a great extent. If you follow these effective home remedies regularly then you can successfully prevent stroke to a great extent.

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