Simple Home Remedies For Tinnitus

tinnitus‘Tinnitus’ is the medical term used for buzzing or ear ringing. It is derived from, a Latin word, which means ‘ringing’. It is basically a perception of hissing and ringing in the ears, even when no external noise/sound is present. It can either be constant or intermittent in character, severe or mild in intensity or fluctuate from a throbbing or a low roar to a high pitch sound, which is so loud that the person will not be able to hear anything else.

Almost one in every five people around the world is affected by this condition. Tinnitus is not considered as a disease, but a symptom, which is caused due to various medical conditions. There are a number of home remedies that can be quite helpful in treating Tinnitus. Some of them are mentioned below.

Best Home Remedies For Tinnitus


Although, you may not know the exact reason for ear ringing, one of the potential causes could be an inflammation in the ear (middle). According to a study published in the periodical “Inflammatory Bowel Diseases’ in the year 2010, consuming pineapples can reduce the ringing or hissing sound in the ears.

eat pineapple

Pineapples contain a substance known as (found in the stem), which is quite helpful in reducing inflammation. Moreover, eating pineapple will not cause side effects, unless you are allergic to this fruit. Also, it has plenty of vitamins, which are quite healthy for the body.


Ear ringing is also caused, when the ear canals have an excess accumulation of fluid. The potassium present in bananas help in regulating fluid balance. You can also munch on apricots, asparagus or apples, as they are rich in potassium. It is also essential to maintain unvarying hydration.


A research published in the journal ‘Otology and Neurotology’ in the year 2003 states that one of the reasons for ear ringing is low zinc blood levels. The primary function of zinc is to help in proper cell division.


Therefore, to keep the cells healthy and reduce the problem of tinnitus, you need to include skim milk and fortified cereal for breakfast every day. Alternatively, you can add oyster appetizer for supper.

Sesame Oil

This simple yet effective remedy reduces the symptoms of tinnitus within one or two weeks. Moreover, the warm oil will decrease anxiety and stress as well. Apply 5 to 10 drops of sesame oil (warm) to each ear every day.

Lie down and with the help of a dropper put a few drops of oil in the ear that is facing upwards. Relax for a few minutes. Clean the ear and then repeat the same procedure on the other ear as well.


‘National Institute on Deafness & other Communication Disorders’ has stated that tinnitus affects about 10% of the population. Auditory system includes the brain as well as the nerve pathways that connect to the ear. Any problem with the system causes ear ringing.

spinach salad

To improve the function of the nerves and reduce the phantom sounds, the body requires magnesium. Therefore, a salad prepared with fresh spinach and other dark green veggies, topped with almonds would be an ideal magnesium-rich lunch.

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