Natural Cures For Retain Teeth And Lip Color

Retain Teeth And Lip ColorA persons teeth and lips are instrumental in defining the appearance of an individual and can either be the beauty enhancers or be the reason that makes you the laughing stock of the social circle. In today’s day and age where the appearance and beauty of an individual has become one of the major factors in success, the lips and teeth and their colour has become very important from an aesthetic perspective.

Every individual strives to have the perfect teeth and lips and some of the medical procedures to achieve those can be very expensive. Various causes are associated with the discolouration of teeth and lips like degeneration due to age, smoking and alcohol consumption, eating the wrong kind of food, excessive caffeine consumption, lack of dental hygiene, injury and certain genetic factors. There are many cost effective and natural ways to achieve the perfect teeth and lips and Retain Teeth and Lip Colour. These methods address the root cause of the problem that causes discolouration of teeth and lips.

Various Ways To Cure Retain Teeth And Lip Color


Many foods like Colas, soft drinks, excess tea and coffee, Slushies and Sports drinks etc are well known to cause Teeth and lip discolouration. If the problem is not due to some kind of infection or injury, eliminating these foods from the diet will instantly help remedy the problem of discoloured teeth and lips.

Vitamin C

Certain foods like those rich in Vitamin C, help in retaining the colour of teeth and lips. Also include fresh fruits and Vegetables in your diet as they are responsible for maintaining good health and retain teeth and lip colour. Include butter and yoghurt in your diet as they are responsible for maintenance of the colour of teeth and lips.


Strawberries contain many substances that are useful to help retain teeth and lip colour. A Paste of strawberries made with baking soda and cream of tartar can be applied on the teeth and kept overnight. This treatment when carried out for a week will show effective results in improving the colour of teeth and also continuously following this treatment will help retain the colour of the teeth.


Massaging this mixture on the gums before brushing can also be additionally effective. When strawberry is crushed along with honey and this mixture is applied on the lips it serves two purposes. The mixture helps clear the dead skin and moisturises the lips. It also helps bring back colour to the lips thus retaining Lip colour.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has many compounds that are good for maintaining teeth and gum health and overall good for hygiene of the mouth. It is extremely effective in removing tough stains on teeth especially in case of addicted smokers and alcohol consumers. One of the ways to use baking soda is to make a thick paste of it along with water and use this paste to brush your teeth.

Baking Soda

If the teeth are extremely discoloured directly brushing with baking soda will help immensely. Just take little powder on the toothbrush and brush your teeth. Another method is to mix baking soda in a glass of water and use this as a mouth rinse daily. This will help clean the entire mouth and keep it healthy while helping to retain teeth and lip colour.

Lifestyle Changes

Other than diet certain life style changes can help maintain teeth and lip colour. Smoking and drinking alcohol are some of the major causes of discolouration of teeth and lips. Hence, avoiding their consumption will immediately help remedy the condition and retain teeth and lip colour.

Drink Water

Another change that must be adopted is to brush the teeth after every meal. This will help clean out any remaining food and retain teeth and lip colour for longer. Drink plenty of water in the day. Water can help by removing the toxins and other chemicals responsible for discoloration from the teeth and washing them away.

Almond Oil

Almond Oil has many minerals and compounds that prevent the staining of lips and teeth due to nicotine. It also helps in moisturising the lips which further helps in maintaining their normal colour. Mix a little almond oil with milk cream (malai) and apply this mixture on the lips every day.

Almond Oil

This will help in forming a protective layer on the lips thus helping to retain the colour. It will also help by removing the dead skin cells and restore the colour of discoloured lips. By adding this oil in the food you can help promote good teeth health thus helping in retaining the colour of the teeth.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.