6 Natural Cures For Peeling Skin

 Peeling Skin

The peeling of skin is a very normal process that occurs every twenty eight days. Generally being a very temporary problem peeling skin will be cured when the new skin replaces the old in the normal cycle. However, when affected by factors such as over exposure to sun and sunburns, friction, dehydration the condition may become problematic as there will be excessive peeling of the skin on the hands, feet face, fingers and other parts of the body.

Sometimes this condition can be the symptom of an infection or even an allergic reaction to medications or chemicals. Various other symptoms associated with peeling skin can cause major discomfort. Flaking, thickening of the skin on the affected area, itching, rashes, inflammation are some of the symptoms associated with severe peeling skin. If not treated immediately this may further worsen the condition. Since most of these symptoms do not respond to allopathic medication, the condition of peeling skin is most effectively treated with Natural remedies.

6 Best Natural Cures For Peeling Skin


A balanced and healthy diet will always result in nourished, smooth and supple skin. Certain dietary changes can help in curing the condition of peeling skin. Ensure that your diet is a balanced one with high nutrition value and a proper mix of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Whole Grains

Increase the consumption of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C along with Iron and Iodine rich foods. Fish, Eggs, Butter, Meat, Whole grains, Milk and Cheese, Citrus fruits and certain vegetables are rich sources of all the vitamins. Iron and Iodine can be taken in the form of supplements or by consuming nuts, cereals and lentils.


Keeping yourself hydrated is a very important way to remedy the effects of Peeling Skin. At least two litres of water must be consumed everyday along with other hydrating agents such as fruit juices, vegetable juices or any other drink that is low in calories.

Vegetable juices

This helps hydrate the body from within and moisturises the skin. The fresh fruit juices also help in increasing immunity and prevent any further reactions due to allergy or irritation. The fibre content of the diet must be lowered as excess elimination may lead to dehydration.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant that is well known for its various healing properties. It is also considered a magical remedy for sunburn and Peeling Skin. Aloe Vera contains various substances that are bactericidal in nature and also substances that hasten the process of skin regeneration.

Aloe Vera

Also aloe vera ensures that the skin is hydrated and moisturized all year round and is effective in any season. Break off a leaf from the aloe vera plant. The gel in the leaf is taken and applied on the affected area. This process should be repeated three to four times a day. Alternatively various Aloe Vera containing creams are available in the market. Regular application of these creams will also provide a similar effect.


Oils are lubricants and will get absorbed deep into the skin and form a coat on the skin to prevent dehydration. They also have soothing effects and prevent irritation or itching of the skin. Olive oil is very rich in substances that have anti inflammatory properties and can immediately help soothe the condition of Peeling Skin.


Leaving the olive oil on the body for even twenty minutes can work wonders in curing the condition of Peeling Skin. Vitamin E Oil is one more oil that can be used with great remedial effects. This oil is very effective in preventing dry and flaky skin.


Cucumber is another great way of hydrating the body. Consuming the vegetable will provide enough vitamin and moisture to the body. Hence it must be consumed daily..


Another way to moisturise the skin is to cut slices of cucumber and apply it to the affected area or roughly grind this in a mixer or food processor and apply the paste on the area. This will provide quick and instant relief from the pain and irritation caused by the Peeling Skin while moisturising the area.

Fresh Mint Juice

Mint is a very well known herb, and is known for the treatment of various ailments in Aryurveda. Take a few mint leaves wash them well to remove any dirt. Slowly mash these leaves in a bowl until they start to leave out their juice. This will form a rough paste. Take this paste and apply it on the affected area.

Mint Juice

This procedure must be followed daily and application must be done every night before sleeping. The juice of mint will act as a natural moisturizer and prevent further drying of the skin. It also soothes the irritation caused by Peeling Skin and refreshes the affected area. Thus Mint is a very effective natural cure for Peeling Skin.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.