9 Natural Cures For Eye Infection

Eye Infection

An eye infection is when any harmful virus or bacteria enters into our eye and causes discomfort, pain. Eye infection may be as simple as watery discharge or conjunctivitis, which also known as pinkeye. Eye infection may also be serious such as viral keratitis, or trachoma and may lead to severe problems and even blindness if not treated on time. If there is any such severe infection medical help should be seek

The most common eye infection is conjunctivitis which is highly contagious and spreads very fast . People using contact lenses are at greater risk of having eye infection as there are more chances of coming into contact of parasites which may enter the eye and cause infection, steps may be taken to avoid it such as not using lenses during swimming or in hot tub. In case of serious eye infection doctor may prescribe some antibiotics but however many infection may be treated with natural cure which goes a long way to cure and bring instant relief

9 Effective Natural Cures For Eye Infection

Home Remedies

Some common eye infectionsuch as pinkeye, sty can be treated at home. Pink eye causes due to the airborne germs and it result into redness and irritation for pinkeye soak.

Turmeric powder

Some turmeric powder wash your eyes with the water it will surely bring relief. It can be used two or three times in a day

Uses  Of  Coriander Seeds

An eye wash solution can be made with coriander seeds it has antibacterial properties in it it helps to cure infection and it is also very beneficial for our eyes.

Coriander Seeds

The solution can be made with coriander seeds it should be boiled in water and sieve the solution and wash your eyes with it

Uses Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very useful in treating sty problems.

Aloe Vera

It has healing properties in it cut an aloe Vera leaf and use the juice of it on the eye it will help to bring down the swelling

Advantages Of Mint Tea

Mint tea is a great option for treating eye infection. It can be used as hot compression on eyes to bring relief in irritation and redness.

Mint Tea

The compression can be made by soaking two tea bags in boiling water then refrigerate it for twenty minutes cover the tea bag with plastic bags and now use it on your eye it will help in reducing irritation

Jasmine Flower

Jasmine flower is again one very important herb in treating eye infection such as conjunctive. Soak the flower in the water for some time now use this water to wash your eyes.

Jasmine Flower

It brings relief in the pain and reduces the irritation. Jasmine flower helps to keep our eyes clean and healthy. Daily use of jasmine flower is very beneficial

Warm And Cold Compress

Warm and cold compress can help a great deal in case of eye infection it helps to bring relief to the person suffering by curing itchiness and redness and discomfort warm or cold compress can be made by soaking cotton or a piece of cloth in boiled water and put it on the eye hot compress helps in reducing discomfort while cold compress helps in reducing itchiness.

Cold Compress


Homeopathy can help a great deal in eye infection 30c potency help in case infection. The dosage can be taken in every two hours for two days however some people prefer to out drops directly in the eyes a solution can be prepared by mixing the tablet in distilled water and this solution can be used as an eye wash in case this does not help then a person can seek medical help.


Advantages Of Oil

Castor oil can help in many cases of eye treatment. In case of congestive eyes castor oil can be a huge help. It works best on the onset of infection.

Castor oil

Apply the oil on both upper and lower lid without worrying even if the oil enters into the eye the oil will not damage the eye the oil may cloud the vision for some time but there is nothing to worry so the best time is to apply in the night before you go to bed

Ways To Prevent Eye Infection

To prevent eye infection a routine hygienic ways can help immensely . Always wash hands before touching your eyes if you come into contact with a person suffering from an eye infection. We should avoid to sleep with contact lenses as it may cause infection small measures can help us in long way to prevent and cure eye infection

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.