5 Tips On How To Prevent Pink Eye

Pink EyePink eye is caused by virus or bacteria. Pink eye causes redness of the eyes, swollen and red eyelids and also itching and burning feel. You should never reuse the same solution for contact lenses and always clean the contact lenses well before wearing them again. When you are having any eye infection avoid wearing contact lenses and also avoid wearing any eye makeup.

You should keep your room clean and free from dust by mopping well and also try to keep doors and windows closed as much as you can to avoid dust particles from entering the room. Here are the 5 tips by which Pink eye can be prevented :

Ways To Prevent Pink Eye


Take some calendula flower petals and boil them in some water (1 cup). After boiling, allow the mixture to cool down. Once it has cooled down, use this mixture as eyewash and wash your eyes.


You can also take some cotton balls or a cotton cloth, soak it in the mixture and then place it on your eye. Do this for at least 3-4 times every day and get good results.


Take some honey and milk (warm) in same amount in a bowl and then mix them well. Use some cotton balls, soak it in the mixture and then apply it on your eyes or simply use the mixture as an eye wash and wash your eyes.


You can also use a dropper and apply few drops (2-3 drops) of this mixture in your eyes. Do it at least 2-3 times every day.


Take some dried coriander and then boil them in bowl along with some water. Then strain it for 5-10 minutes and allow it to cool down and come to room temperature.


After that wash your eyes with this mixture or use it cotton balls, soak it in the mixture and apply it to your eyes. Do this 3 times every day to get rid of pain and swelling of the eyes.

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Different oils are used to make hot compress. Rose, lavender and chamomile are used mostly. Take a warm cotton cloth and put few drops of these oils on it and then place it on your eyes.

Chamomile Oil

Let it be like that for 5-10 minutes. Do this for at least 3 times every day. This hot compress will help to get rid of any discomfort associated with pink eye and will also help to get rid of the infections.


Take some water (6 cups) and then add tea bags (4 tea bags) to it and heat it well. After that allow it to steep for at least 10-12 minutes. Remove the tea bags and allow them to cool down. Let it be warm but not very hot.

Tea Bags

Then apply the tea bags one by one on the affected eye and let it be like that for 5-10 minutes. Do this every day for 3-4 times to get good results. The tea prevents swelling and irritation of the eye also helps to get rid of any infections caused due to pink eye.

Thus by following these 5 simple tips, you can easily prevent pink eye.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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