Natural Cures For Chilblains

ChiblainsChilblains occur due to the extremely cold temperature. A person suffers from chilblains when is exposed to very cold temperature and his/her capillary beds in the skin is damaged which may results in itchiness, blisters ,redness or even inflammation , generally toes fingers and ears are more sensitive to chilblains, as we feel cold most at these places.

In chilblains there is burning and swelling in the affected area but in some cases the effected area may turn purple and have blisters on it. Chilblains are very painfully but usually do not last for long and once the weather is warm it goes away. If a person suffers from poor blood circulation then he is more prone to chilblains, in this condition the blood vessel under our skin becomes narrow and some blood may leak out causing swelling and pain. Chilblains do not require any medical attention unless the condition is serious. Natural cure helps to treat chilblains very effectively and it provides great relief in pain and discomfort. Check them out below.

Various Ways To Cure Chilblains

Usage Of Black Peeper Corns And Sesame Oil

Chilblains lead to redness, swelling and tenderness of blood vessels under the skin. To treat chilblains black pepper and sesame oil can be very effective, we can take few peeper corns fry it for some time in the hot sesame oil, now strain the solution and allow it to cool down, use this lukewarm solution to massage the effected area ,however avoid this if the skin is bruised .

Sesame oil

You can massage the effected area twice or thrice in the day, soon you’ll find a remarkable change and this practice can be continued until chilblains is completely cured.

Importance Of Exercise

Exercise plays a very vital role in curing and preventing chilblains .Chilblains generally occurs due to the poor circulation of blood.

Cardiovascular exercises

Exercises increases the blood flow in the body , several exercise such as cardiovascular are very beneficial as it not only strengthen the heart but also increases the blood flow to all the parts of body even to the finger tips and toes, which are most effected by chilblains . Exercise also increases the body temperature and prevents chilblains

Effectiveness Of Honey And Glycerin

Honey and glycerin helps to cure chilblains and prevents it from reoccurring. We can make a paste with honey, glycerin and whole meal flour; we can also add egg white to it, mix all the ingredients very thoroughly to make a smooth paste.


Apply this paste lavishly on the effected area and leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning with Luke warm water. This paste is very effective and soon it will help to reduce pain and the redness

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the very effective means to cure chilblains.Massage helps to keep the affected part warm and also increases blood circulation. If a person is suffering from chilblains he can massage the effected part with any essential oil, he can also add few drops of lemon to it .

Massage Therapy

Massage the affected area for some time in circular manner, let it stay for few hours and then wash the area with Luke warm water, this will not only increase the blood circulation but also keep the effected area warm. Massage helps to get rid of chilblains very quickly and effectively

Benefits Of Turnip

Turnips help in treating chilblains. We can make a paste of grated turnip and apply it on the effected skin, leave it for some time. We can even use turnip in the form of solution.


Take some boiling hot water add turnip to it, let the water cool down now soak the effected part in this solution for some time .We may find astonishing results with the usage of turnip

Advantages Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy can help in reducing pain and discomfort due to chilblains. Some medicine such as garicus and pulsatilla is of great help as they reduce soreness and the itching sensation.


Chilblains is terribly painful and homeopathy can be very helpful in getting rid of this pain without having any side effects

Food Supplements

Food helps in curing and preventing chilblains. As we know one of the reasons for chilblains to occur is poor blood circulation. Some nutrients such as vitamin E and b3 helps in blood circulation .

vitamin c foods

Food rich in vitamin C such as fish also helps as vitamin c strengthen the blood vessels. Plenty of fresh fruits should be included in the diet. Spices and ginger keeps the body warm and it should be included in every day diet.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.