How To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad BreathThere are quite some problems and crisis situations that you might have to face from time to time. Talking about the ones that are not big health hazards, one of the most common and prevalent issues is that of bad breath. It is not only an embarrassing moment for you when you are in public but also lowers the self confidence to a great extent. There is a category of people who do not even realize that they are having major problems of bad odor from the mouth.

There can be a lot of reasons associated with this particular issue including unhygienic oral health as one of the top ones. Apart from this, body changes and gum and teeth diseases can also be somewhere responsible for bad breath. The good news here comes in the form of the fact that there are safe and sound measures that can help you prevent it in an effective and affordable manner. This guide below will provide you with some well researched ideas about the same. Check them out and make your pick.

Various Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

Importance Of Brushing And Tongue Cleaning

One of the most significant habits that you need to incur in your daily routine without fail is that of brushing the teeth properly first thing in the morning with good quality toothpaste. Apart from this, it is equally important to clean the accumulated food and bacteria on the tongue with a cleaner.


These can really help in keeping away bad breath to a good extent. The same should be repeated at night before hitting the bed. Brushing and tongue cleaning is highly recommended after each nap that actually leaves a foul smell in the mouth.

Mouth Wash Regularly

Brushing the teeth with toothpaste and tongue cleaning is not effective if you leave behind residues of the paste in the mouth that causes bad breath in a couple of hours. It is a good preventive measure for bad breath if you rinse the mouth thoroughly with fresh and cool water at least 4-5 times. This will remove all chances of bacteria accumulation and toothpaste in the mouth.


Mouthwash with fresh and clean water is also suggested after every meal. For the very same, a mouthwash can also be prepared at home. This should be used before sleeping at night as well.

Foods To Avoid

There are many food items that are known to cause severe bad breath if consumed on a routine basis.

Avoid Onions And Garlic

Some of the foods that should be totally avoided in a case where your aim is to prevent bad breath are garlic, onions, eggs, sugary foods, poultry, fish and meat. Make sure you keep them away from the diet if you have some serious issues of bad odor from the mouth.

Foods That Are Recommended

Fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetable are known to cleanse the entire system as well as give you fresh breath. These should be encouraged in the routine meals.

green leafy vegetables

Apart from this, chewing on peppermint leaves, basil, spearmint or parsley can also prove as a magical remedy to stay away from foul smell from the mouth. Chewing Gum is not a good idea because it has a good level of sugar in it that can cause cavities and tooth problems.

Drink Good Amounts Of Water

Water is one of the best and the simplest ways in which the bad breath can be treated. It also helps in flushing out the plague and the bacteria in the mouth after meals.

Drink Water

Drink at least 10 glasses of water each day if you want an effective prevention from bad breath. It also keeps the body hydrated and cleanses the system of toxins that cause a lot of other issues too. This is one preventive idea that has a lot of other advantages too.

Dentist Visit

Visit to a professional and good dentist at least twice a year is another good habit that will not only maintain oral hygiene and good condition of the teeth and gums but also help you in proper cleaning of the mouth that can cause permanent bad breath. Dental problems cause foul smell and visit to a doctor can really help in keeping it away.

Flossing Benefits

Flossing is a good habit not only to keep dental problems away but also in preventing bad breath because it cleans the food residues from between the tooth.


This is something that you should make a regular habit of, after every meal. Make sure you at least do it once before sleeping at night in a day.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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