5 Natural Cure For Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage

The damage to the nerves results in decreasing the ability of the nerve system to receive and send messages to the required area at the right time more accurately and effectively. It causes a lot of discomfort, loss of sensation and severe pain due to the numerous restrictions , illness, trauma , diabetes and deficiency in nutrition.

Natural Way To Cure Nerve Damage

1. Asian Mushroom

The regeneration of the nerves in the spinal cord and brain could be possible by the use of helium erinaceus, Asian mushroom as it is one of the most recommended treatment for nerve damages because of the presence of such components which help in growing nerves naturally. Sometimes it is also termed as white jelly fungus or lion’s mane and thus could be obtained in solid or liquid extract form.

2. Consume DHA

Myelin is an insulating sheath present around the nerve cells do constitute DHA acid which actually helps a lot to get cured of the disease effectively.DHA is in fact an omega -3 fatty acid which is generally found in the seafood like fish and all. Thus seafood is to preferred and to be added in the regular diet so that the sufferer should be able to consume sufficient amounts of omega -3 fatty acid. It could also be obtained by consuming flax seed, walnut and olive oil.

3. Take Care

The magnesium supplements should be preferred to consume in perfect amounts in order to reduce the nerve damages in the body. Ginseng and garlic contain sufficient amount of hypoglycemic qualities in it which also has been proven to result better. Vervain is one of the natural plants consumed to reduce pain which acts similar to aspirin but it takes several weeks to give an effective result in improving the nervous system to work efficiently.

4. Perfect Nutrition

The perfect nutrition is the only source to help to remove the pain along with increasing the efficiency of the nervous system. This has such a great preference because it can never be addictive. Some of the nutrients like vitamin c, B-complex vitamin like B12 and zinc constitute chromium in it and so only it helps in reducing the severity of pain in the nerve system.It could obtained in fish, fortified cereals, low-fat dairy products and eggs. Uncomfortable body position or repetitive motion could also result in creating nerve damages. Some more nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid and linoleic acid could also be consumed to prevent the pain and damages in the nerves.

5. Do Exercise

The sufferer should do light exercise regularly which actually results in increasing the rate of flow of oxygen to the damaged nerves and to heal the nerves blood is present in good amount. Some of the simple exercises like walking or water aerobics should be practiced daily.Acupuncture is also an effective way in which needles are applied to subject certain pressure on the affected parts of the body which helps in better circulation of the body and thus gives a great relief from the pain in the nerves and reduces further nerve damages.

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